10 bold predictions for the 2014 college football season

August 21, 2014 | By: Dustin Schutte

With just a few days until the opening kickoff of a new college football season, it’s time to think about what will happen in 2014. Most experts have made conference predictions, listed Heisman Trophy favorites and made College Football Playoff predictions for this year. While those may be some of the more interesting conversations, there are still a few other areas of the sport to discuss and predict.

The 10 Most Talented Final Four Teams of All Time

March 30, 2012 | By: Jon Washburn

Since the “college team versus a pro team” is almost never logical, but has some merit once the Kentucky versus Charlotte Bobcats matchups are considered, does this make Kentucky the most talented Final Four team of all time? Let’s not get too hasty.

The Bottoms Line: College Basketball Stock Watch

November 18, 2011 | By: Andy Bottoms

With the season roughly a week old, what better time to make snap judgments and rash reactions to what has happened so far? In all seriousness, there are things to be gleaned from these early season matchups when looking both at specific teams and conferences. Andy Bottoms takes a look at some of these things in this week’s college basketball stock watch.