49ers Can’t Allow Seahawks to Eat Turkey On Logo

November 28, 2014 | By: Kurt Allen

It is one thing to be embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks on your own turf before a national television audience, it is another realizing Colin Kaepernick has regressed as spectacularly as Robert Griffin III over the past two years. And it is quite another for the National Broadcasting Corporation to set up shop on your team’s midfield logo and have Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman eat turkey.

Associate says Jonathan Martin won’t return to Miami Dolphins

January 15, 2014 | By: Ryan Phillips

While this probably won’t come as a shock to anyone, an associate of Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin claims it would be “impossible” for him to return to the team in the future. Martin has not yet asked for a trade, but the associate claims that Martin simply couldn’t go back to that locker room.