Jay Cutler Dominates: Listen up, Packers Fans. It’s not going to be all right. Jay Cutler won’t allow it.

January 19, 2012 | By: Tyler Juranovich

Earlier in the week, fellow MSF writers and diehard Green Bay Packer fans, Amanda Lawson and Chris Calloway wrote an article to abate any sad feelings Packer fans might have had over their embarrassing loss to the New York Giants last weekend. All of their statements were signs of repressed acceptance that your favorite team sucks…and Jay Cutler dominates.

Green Bay Packers-New York Giants NFC Divisional Playoff Game Quick Preview, Point Spread, Prediction, and Poll

January 13, 2012 | By: Chris Callaway

Since the Giants and Packers met in the regular season, each team has lost just one game, but the prevailing public opinion is that the Giants are playing their best football of the season and have as good a chance as anyone to knock off the top-seeded Packers this season. While that is certainly a possibility, New York will have to play extremely well in a number of facets of the game.