Call To The Bullpen MLB Podcast: Umpire State of Mind

May 25, 2012 | By: Pat Suley

What else could Corey and I talk about this week besides all the umpire insanity in the MLB the past couple weeks? Corey and I discuss how big a part of the game umpires should be, how accountable they should be for missed calls, and what the line really is for showing up an umpire.

Fantasy Baseball 2011 Year in Review: 30/30 & 20/20 Hitters

September 30, 2011 | By: John Stangler

When you talk about the 30/30 or 20/20 club in baseball, it usually refers to players with 30+ home runs & 30+ stolen bases and 20+ home runs & 20+ stolen bases in the same season. After a thrilling end to the regular season, here’s a review of the 2011 30/30 & 20/20 club members.