Packers’ Offense Goes Missing In Detroit

September 23, 2014 | By: Zach Rastall

In their loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers put forth one of their worst offensive performances of the Aaron Rodgers era. Their run game was nonexistent, many of Rodgers’ passes were off and their wide receivers dropped too many catchable balls.

The 10 best picks from the 2013 NFL Draft

April 1, 2014 | By: Chris Callaway

It’s easy to look at a draft immediately after it ends and declare a “winner” and “loser” because none of those draft picks have ever played a game. Now that those players have a full season under their belts (and with the 2014 draft right around the corner), it is a much better time to look at the outgoing rookie class and try to figure out which were the best picks.

Detroit Lions move to 4-2 after “Futility Bowl” win over Cleveland Browns

October 14, 2013 | By: Howard M Alperin

There were plenty of good NFL matchups Sunday as the Saints played the Patriots, the Packers took on the Ravens, the 49ers and Cardinals did battle and the the Redskins and Cowboys tangled in the nightcap.

The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns played in what definitely was not a showcase game. But the contest did pit two teams over .500 against each other, so it would have to be included as one of the good matchups, as well.