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In other legal jurisdictions, DraftKings is a top-tier sportsbook that welcomes new players and gives bettors a near-perfect betting experience. DraftKings at Casino Queens has recently launched in Illinois as of August 5 and is quickly becoming a favorite among Illinois sports bettors.

DraftKings is an excellent sportsbook for beginners and sports betting experts. For newcomers, the site offers plenty of educational resources that teach users about different betting types and odds.

For sports betting veterans who can skip over the learning aspect, DraftKings provides a seamless sportsbook with competitive bonuses, promotions, odds, and accessibility. Simply put: there’s a reason DraftKings is a US sports betting leader, and the company’s betting site in Illinois will continue to prove the sportsbook worthy of that position.

DraftKings Illinois Promo Code August 2020

DraftKings Illinois Promo CodeNone - use our exclusive lander to unlock
Free Bet$100 free bet when you pre-register for Draftkings Illinois
What States Allow DraftKingsCO, NJ, IN, NH, PA, IA, WV, IL (coming soon)
DraftKings IL Land-Based PartnerCasino Queen in East St. Louis
Promo Code Verified ForAugust 2020

Register In-Person For DraftKings Illinois

Once launched, DraftKings players can sign up for a sports betting account on DraftKings’ website or app. The steps are similar to those you’d use to create an online banking profile. Provide your name, email, address, and other required information, then the final four digits of your social security number to confirm your identity.

Once you’ve completed the necessary online registration steps, you’ll need to visit Draftkings at Casino Queen in East St. Louis (200 S Front St, East St Louis, IL 62201) to confirm your registration. Only then can you bet online. Fortunately, confirming your registration on-property is incredibly easy. Head to Casino Queen and turn on your wifi and Bluetooth on the device you’re using. Close out and relaunch the DraftKings app once you’re in the casino to log in. You should receive a push notification to confirm that you’re all registered. If you have trouble completing this process, you can visit the cashier cage and a Casino Queen employee can help you confirm your account.

This in-person registration requirement was reinstated after a temporary suspension from Governor J.B. Pritzker. During casino shutdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pritzker suspended the need for in-person registration. Many expected the temporary measure to become permanent, but the Governor let it lapse in late July of 2020. It’s possible that in-person registrations will be eliminated in the future, but for now, players must visit a land-based property to sign up for an account and place a bet.

DraftKings Illinois: Bonuses and Promotions

Grade: 4.8/5.0

Draftkings is currently offering a pre-registration bonus offer of a $100 free bet when you sign up and register before they launch. Click here to claim your $100 free bet.

DraftKings offers some of the industry’s most lucrative bonuses. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to strong bonus offerings for new players, which bring sports bettors into the mix and keep them invested in the site instead of choosing to try a competing sportsbook.

DraftKings bonuses throughout the US provide a ton of value to players, and Illinois will likely feature similar offers.

New DraftKings sports bettors have the opportunity to reel in up to $1,000 in welcome bonuses, though earning that maximum amount requires a hefty upfront investment. The first $500 bonus comes from a deposit match. DraftKings will match 20% of your first deposit up to $500. So to earn the full $500, you would need to deposit $2,500.

The other possible $500 bonus comes in the form of a free bet. DraftKings will cover your first bet up to $500 and you keep any winnings on the wager.

These bonuses totaling a possible $1,000 will set DraftKings apart from much of its competition In Illinois. BetRivers, for example, offers a $250 deposit match. But be sure to check terms and conditions. In order to earn the full bonus amounts at DraftKings, you’re required to place bets using your bonus money to earn the credit over time. It can get complicated, especially for new bettors, thus the slight knock from a perfect 5.0 in this category.

DraftKings Illinois: Odds Vs The Competition

Grade: 5.0/5.0

DraftKings is gearing up for the first week of the 2020-2021 NFL season. This provides a great sampling of odds, especially when compared to sportsbooks that will compete with the operator in Illinois. Here’s an at-a-glance view at DraftKings’ week 1 odds for some key match-ups compared to BetRivers, the only current Illinois online sportsbook, and FanDuel, one of DraftKings’ biggest rivals.


Notably, DraftKings has identical odds to BetRivers on these two match-ups (a significant development considering DK offers better sign-up bonuses than BetRivers).

DraftKings gives good odds on the underdog, a trend that’s generally replicated throughout their live sportsbooks. The fact that DraftKings’ odds are similar to its competitors bodes well for Illinois bettors because these small variations can make a large difference to high-risk bettors.

Meanwhile, casual sports bettors can play with the peace of mind that sites aren’t competing for their dollar with wildly different odds.

DraftKings Illinois: Market Depth And Variety

Grade: 5.0/5.0

DraftKings will offer a huge selection of sports to Illinois bettors. The only limitations on what DraftKings can offer in the Land of Lincoln come straight from the state’s laws. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see on DraftKings’ Illinois sportsbook.

Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, And More

Of course, Illinois teams will be a staple at DraftKings’ Illinois sportsbook. You’ll find bets on the major league teams based in Chicago; that means the Bulls (NBA), Bears (NFL), Cubs (MLB), White Sox (MLB), Blackhawks (NHL), and Fire (MLS) will all be fair game. If you’re an Illinois bettor who cheers for an out-of-state team, you’ll have no problem placing bets across all the major professional sports.

Other pro-level events will be available, too. Golf, tennis, and many other sports will make appearances at Illinois sportsbooks.

March Madness And NCAA Football

College sports betting is allowed in Illinois, but there’s one catch. You can’t bet on any matches that include an Illinois school. Unfortunately, this means fans of Northwestern, NIU, U of I, and other Illinois colleges won’t be able to back their teams with a wager. This is true whether the team is playing in Illinois or out-of-state.

Still, DraftKings will have no shortage of college bets, including lines on March Madness and NCAA football games. Despite the lack of Illinois school wagers, DraftKings will offer a wide spread of college match-ups.

What Won’t Be Allowed?

DraftKings won’t be able to offer bets on non-sporting events such as elections or awards ceremonies in Illinois due to state legislation. Esports betting is also an Illinois no-go for now, but the state’s legislation leaves room for that to change in the future. High school sports are off-limits across the board as are minor league sports events.

DraftKings: Deposits And Cashouts

Grade: 5.0/5.0

DraftKings’ deposit options are varied and streamlined. Frankly, it’s incredibly easy to add funds to your account. Here’s a rundown of the primary deposit methods available to DraftKings users:

Credit And Debit Cards

VISA, Mastercard, and Discover are all accepted at DraftKings. Many people prefer this method because it’s common and simple to use. Just plug in your card info and make your deposit.

Online Banking Options

You can connect your bank account to DraftKings to make deposits directly from your checking or savings. DraftKings has a list of more than 1,000 banks to choose from, including major institutions like Chase, PNC, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

You can also fund your account using a wire transfer, which typically takes 1-2 days to process and requires a minimum deposit of $100 at DraftKings.


PayPal is a popular deposit method at most regulated US sportsbooks. If you already have a PayPal account, it’s easy to connect it to DraftKings and make a deposit. Don’t have a PayPal account yet? It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Play+ Prepaid Card

DraftKings’ Play+ card lets you fund a physical card that you receive in the mail, which you can then use to add money to your sportsbook account.

How To Cashout

DraftKings bettors can withdraw eligible funds via check (by mail), PayPal, ACH echeck, and cage pick-up. Cash pick-up will be at Casino Queen in Illinois, DraftKings’ land-based partner in the state.

DraftKings: Mobile App

Grade: 5.0/5.0

DraftKings provides a polished sports betting experience accessible via desktop, iOS, and Android. No matter how you prefer to place a wager, DraftKings has an option for you.

DraftKings iOS App

DraftKings’ iOS app has a leg up on BetRivers: namely, it’s a full, functional iOS app that will allow users to bet on day one when DraftKings goes live in The Prairie State. You can already download it from the Apple App Store. The app works smoothly, backed by DraftKings’ intuitive user-interface.

Because Apple restricts gambling apps unless they’re developed natively for iOS devices, simply having an iOS app is a huge plus for sportsbook operators. DraftKings has an app, and it works well. Exploring available sports and bets is really easy.

DraftKings Android App

Google is different from Apple in that it completely restricts gambling apps from its marketplace, but not from Android devices as a whole. All this means is that you’ll need to download the app straight from DraftKings’ website instead of the Google Play store.

Once you have the app, you’ll find that it’s a breeze to navigate and well-optimized for your device. DraftKings has a well-developed and user-focused app.

DraftKings Illinois

Overall Grade: 4.9/5.0

When it comes to sportsbooks, DraftKings is the cream of the crop. Illinois bettors will find plenty to love about the DraftKings experience, from market depth to a sleek mobile interface.

The only setbacks for DraftKings in Illinois are the state’s laws. In-person registration will be a massive hindrance to bettors in the Northern half of Illinois, especially Chicago. Traveling to East St. Louis to confirm your account can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, the positives outweigh the negatives, and when you consider all the factors we’ve covered in this review, it’s clear DraftKings will be a force in the Illinois sportsbook market.

Is DraftKings Legit?

DraftKings is a trusted sports betting provider for good reason. Here are five factors that contribute to DraftKings’ leading position as a legitimate sports betting company:

You Can Set Personal Limits

From your DraftKings “My Account” page, you can set limits on how much you can deposit, spend, or wager on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also set hard time limits on how many hours you can spend in your account per day.

The Company Is Publicly Traded

It’s easy to instinctively shrug off corporations, but they are required to share revenue and stock information publicly. DraftKings’s investor webpage has recent news, reports, and other useful public information.

You’ll Find In-Game Bets

Regulated Illinois sportsbooks must use official league data to create odds for in-game bets. Only regulated and licensed providers have access to this data (DraftKings is among those providers). Offshore providers without access to this data can’t offer in-play betting, so it’s easy to identify them as illegitimate sites.

DraftKings Requires Location Confirmation

Betting in Illinois requires geolocation whenever you sign in to your account. You can only place a bet if your geolocation successfully confirms you’re within the state of Illinois. DraftKings has this functionality built into its app to abide by state regulations.

Off-Limits Bets Are Nowhere To Be Found

Sportsbooks are typically limited by the laws of the state where they operate. For DraftKings in Illinois, this means no college bets that include an in-state school and no bets on non-sporting events. The lack of election and award show wagers or U of I betting options signals that DraftKings is adhering to all local regulations.

Why Choose DraftKings Illinois Over Illegal Betting Sites?

If you want a safe, secure, and polished sportsbook, it’s hard to beat regulated providers. Illegal offshore sportsbooks may seem enticing, but their negatives severely outweigh the positives. Here are a few key things to look for that set DraftKings apart from their grey market counterparts.

Resources For Beginners

DraftKings’s complete betting guides give it a headstart on both its regulated competition and its offshore competitors.

Grey market sites are content to throw new bettors into the deep end with very little help or guidance. DraftKings offers easy-to-understand betting guides for football, hockey, basketball, golf, MMA, and baseball. You’d be hard-pressed to find resources anywhere near as thorough as those on DraftKings at an offshore site.

Various Deposit Methods

DraftKings has plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods that make funding your account a simple, quick process. Illegal betting sites often have very limited options when it comes to funding your sportsbook account. They’ll usually require you to steer towards online banking or wire transfers with little regard for your safety or security.

Government Issued Licenses

DraftKings is licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board. The company is partnered with Casino Queen, so DraftKings can offer sports betting under that property’s license, which is granted by the IGB. Licensure from a government agency means a sportsbook has gone through a rigorous review process before launching in Illinois.

Why Can You Trust DraftKings Illinois With Your Money?

Take a minute to think about the websites and apps that you use on a daily basis. Online retailers like Amazon might make the list, along with your online banking provider or social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All of these sites (and many, many more) use high-level SSL encryption.

SSL encryption ensures that data sent from your device to a website is protected from potential hackers. It’s a part of your daily life that you likely don’t notice often.

Legal online sportsbooks use SSL to protect your payment data, and it’s an industry-standard tool that helps protect player data and information.

Outside of encryption, there are other ways you can protect your data when you‘re using a sportsbook. First, choose a strong password. If your browser asks to remember the password for future use, select “Never.” Second, enable multi-factor authentication when you sign up. With multi-factor authentication enabled, you will be required to confirm your login by entering a code that DraftKings sends to you via text or email. Think of it as an added layer of security on your account.

DraftKings Illinois Quick Facts

How old do I need to be to use DraftKings in Illinois?21+ for sports betting, 18+ for DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports
Where is DraftKings legal/live?CO, NJ, IN, NH, PA, IA, WV, IL (coming soon)
Who is DraftKings’ Illinois partner?Casino Queen

DraftKings IL FAQ

Can you place in-play wagers at DraftKings Illinois?

Yes. As a regulated Illinois sportsbook. DraftKings will have access to league data that enables in-play betting. This is a key differentiating factor that sets legal sportsbooks apart from grey market competition.

Keep an eye out for favorable odds changes as games progress. Live betting really amps up the betting experience.

Does DraftKings have any free bets or deposit bonuses for Illinois players?

Yes. DraftKings is known for its lucrative and player-focused sign-up bonuses, and Illinois players will be able to take advantage of them as soon as the sportsbook goes live. Expect a deposit match bonus, usually a 20% match up to $500, and a free bet of up to $500. These offers are in line with welcome bonuses from DraftKings in other regulated states.

How do you get paid if you win at DraftKings?

DraftKings offers payouts in cash at the Casino Queen cage in East St. Louis. Quicker online methods include PayPal and online banking. You can also request a check by mail.

You can withdraw money from the cashier section on the DraftKings website or within the app.

Is it legal to bet on sports online at DraftKings in Illinois?

Yes. DraftKings is expected to launch very soon in the Prairie State, and it’s a legal, regulated sportsbook. The Illinois Gaming Board granted DraftKings a temporary license, plus the company is partnered with existing licensee Casino Queen. DraftKings will join BetRivers in Illinois’ growing legal sports betting market.

Can I sign up at DraftKings from anywhere in Illinois?

It’s complicated. Technically, you can create your account from anywhere within Illinois. But once you’ve done that, you’ll have to confirm your account at Casino Queen before you can start betting online. This comes from Illinois’ in-person registration requirement and could be a hindrance for DraftKings fans hoping to bet online in Illinois.

Illinois temporarily halted the in-person requirement early this year, but the rule came back into effect in July. Lawmakers could possibly remove the restriction in the future, making it easier for bettors to get started with DraftKings.

How many sports can you bet on at DraftKings?

DraftKings has bets on all sorts of sporting events. All the major professional sports are featured: football, hockey, basketball, and baseball. There’s also tennis, golf, racing, MMA, UFC, and much more.

High school sports are off-limits, as are any college matches that include Illinois schools. For the niche bettors, unfortunately, elections, awards shows, and other non-sporting events are prohibited as well.

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