About the Author

Kevin Luljack

I Love my Family, my Friends and sports, but am a bit crazy when it comes to Packer football and Rays baseball. I have a general love for both games, and feel I have a great opinion on them. I am 40 yrs old and have been a fan of both for all of my sports life. I have been a Rays fan since their inaugural season, and a Packer fan since the Lynn Dickey days, through the Majic man, enjoyed th Favre days and am beginning to really enjoy the start of the Rodgers era. He WILL be a great one, and has a young nucleus around him to win it all in the next 2-5 years. I like coach McCarthy, but sometimes question his game plan in the 2nd half of games that we are leading. As for the Rays, I have been following closely. Through Rothchild, McCrae, Pinella and now Joe Madden. I have been to Lambeau a few times, the last seeing Favre tie Marino in TD passes, a beautiful slant to Jennings that he took the distance against San Diego. I have been to countless Rays games, and still think the Trop is a great place to see a game in Florida. Anything outside would just be to uncomfortable. I hope you enjoy my opinions.