Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 6: Negative Brand(on) Equity

North Texas at Indiana

Indiana Maryland

Can we be real here? Every game is a must-win for Indiana, and not just in the general sense. If Kevin Wilson is going to convince us he can finally be the coach who makes IU turn the corner, as opposed to being yet another coach who’s stranded in the middle of the block cranking the starter over and over again, he’s got to win six games this season. The masterful upset of Mizzou won’t mean squat if the Hoosiers wind up 5-7.

So it probably isn’t enough to win this game, the Hoosiers must also look good doing it. North Texas probably isn’t a gimme. Dan McCarney has brought the Mean Green back to life (more or less), but UNT will always have some sort of upper limit to its success. This is a team that has beaten SMU and Nicholls, two schools that lost their coaches well before September ended. IU needs to dominate. UNT probably can’t stretch the field like Maryland did last week. This is the best Indiana team since the Terry Hoeppner days, it just needs to go out and prove it. But it’s still IU, and you’re still not wrong to guess that it won’t.

Pick: Indiana 44, North Texas 37

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