Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 5: Ice-Cold Hoke Zero

Iowa at Purdue

C.J. Beathard

The news for the Hawkeyes is the strong likelihood of a quarterback change, as it appears C.J. Beathard will be starting over Jake Rudock. Beathard has given every indication of being a better passer than Rudock, which does leave a person wondering why he wasn’t starting from the get-go.

Still, don’t just give this game to Iowa. Purdue has already doubled its win total from last season (it’s won twice) and it’s not like the Iowa offense is all that difficult to stymie. The Hawks want to run the ball too much. Take that away and they don’t have any great response. Beathard makes it more likely that Iowa will go downfield, but it won’t take too many failures on third down to put a stop to that. I still very much like Iowa in this game. I just don’t think it’ll be the walkover some people do.

Pick: Iowa 20, Purdue 13

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