Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 3: All Thy Sins Laid Bare

Nebraska at Fresno State

Ameer Abdullah

How are the Huskers doing so far?

Well, a proper Nebraska team wouldn’t barely beat McNeese State, but a proper Nebraska team hasn’t been seen since the days of Frank Solich. It’s fair to point out that the Huskers were without their two best players (Kenny Bell and Randy Gregory) last week, two guys who just might have made a difference had they been available.

It’s always risky for Big Ten teams to travel west in September but so far Fresno State has been terrible. As in, “hasn’t held an opponent under 50 points” terrible. Not even the weird Pacific Time Zone voodoo that has jinxed many a Big Ten squad before should be able to keep the Huskers from winning, though if I were a rabbit in Nebraska, I’d keep an eye on my feet this weekend.

Pick: Nebraska 48, Fresno State 20

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