Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 3: All Thy Sins Laid Bare

Minnesota at TCU

David Cobb

How are the Gophers doing so far?

Respectably if not impressively well. As I said about Illinois, 2-0 is 2-0 and the Gopher faithful shouldn’t ever pooh-pooh consecutive wins. The Gophers have a legitimately good running back in David Cobb. That’s important for a team that hasn’t had an offensive identity of any sort since at least the Eric Decker era. The defense is not fantastic but hasn’t given up a conspicuous number of stupid points — again, something Gopher fans can’t take for granted.

TCU hasn’t been tested and is a bit off its historical peak. Gary Patterson and Jerry Kill are old friends who know each other well. I’d suggest you keep an eye on this game and just pretend it’s 1981, what with all the power running you’re likely to see. The Gophers have a better weapon than the Horned Frogs, but David Cobb is still just one guy and Minnesota is not a threat to win a game through the air.

Pick: TCU 27, Minnesota 20

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