Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 3: All Thy Sins Laid Bare

Indiana at Bowling Green

Tevin Coleman

How are the Hoosiers doing so far?

Well, IU has only played one game, a solid 28-10 victory over Indiana State. I am firmly on the side of Kevin Wilson, I think his style of coaching is what needs to transform the Big Ten from its “11 slabs of well-marbled beef” approach to player personnel. And it probably would cause that transformation if Wilson was coaching at a school where he had a shot at landing a slightly higher grade of talent. He’s going to have to knock off a couple of the big uglies in the East before that happens. Fortunately, this just might be the year for that.

As for this game, while it’s a little odd to see a Big Ten school traveling to a MAC stadium, it’s saving IU the cost of a guarantee game, so it’s probably worth it. Bowling Green was the recipient of a not-totally-surprising beatdown from Western Kentucky two Fridays ago, then rebounded to trounce VMI last week. There are no gimmes for the Hoosiers, ever, but at this point Kevin Wilson and his team have to know that. I’d expect IU to try attacking the obviously vulnerable BGSU secondary even though Indiana’s passing game was weak against Indiana State. These are the sorts of teams Kevin Wilson just loved to destroy when he was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma. Expect early IU struggles, then a pull-away in the second half.

Pick: Indiana 38, Bowling Green 17

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