Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 3: All Thy Sins Laid Bare

Illinois at Washington

Wes Lunt

How are the Illini doing so far?

You can’t complain too much about 2-0. In fact, if you’ve been a fan of Illini football over the past decade or so, you can’t complain any time you win two weeks in a row. Wes Lunt has been as advertised through two games, averaging more than 370 yards passing. But the defense has yet to come together the way you would hope it to. It’s been OK on third down but a little shaky on first and second. Generating turnovers has also been a struggle. But at least the team has been fun to watch for a change.

Give Illinois credit: it has played tough teams out-of-conference for the last several years running. This week the Illini are going up against their Pacific Northwest doppelgangers in the Washington Huskies, another 2-0 team that hasn’t really dominated anyone (they’ve beaten Hawaii by one and Eastern Washington by seven). It was just last week that a Big Ten team went into a coastal snake pit and lost. I expect the same to happen here unless Lunt is able to feast on UW’s secondary — and he just might.

Pick: Washington 24, Illinois 21

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