Pickin’ On the Big Ten: I’m OK, You’re OK, It’s Not OK

San Jose State at Minnesota

Minnesota TCU

Alright, look: the Gophers may have failed to show up against TCU last week, but … OK, not “may have failed,” just “failed,” but still … you have to believe that San Jose State is reeling a bit too, after … wait, no, nobody could have possibly been expecting the Spartans to hold their own against Auburn, so … I don’t know. I just don’t know about this whole sick, sordid, burbling blob of beige called Big Ten football any more. Every game is losable, so this one is. I’m just hoping the football gods will let one team from Minnesota have its act together this fall, and … look at that, four teams from Minnesota in the Division II top 25. You’re on your own, Gophers.

Pick: Minnesota 30, San Jose State 20

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