Pickin’ On the Big Ten, Week 1: Appalachian State and Other Disasters

Wisconsin vs. LSU (in Houston, Texas)

Gary Andersen

Both coaches are being coy about their starting quarterbacks, with good reason. This game will come down to whichever team manages to force the other one to throw the ball more. You wouldn’t want to give the opposition any useful intelligence either.

I mean, if this game hinges on the rushing battle, that has to favor Wisconsin, right? The Badgers have been known for stout defense and an unstoppable ground game since about the time the Game Boy was introduced. And while plenty of people respect LSU’s offense, nobody exactly fears it, do they? If two teams have equally good defenses but one has something going for it on offense and the other really doesn’t, you have to favor the team with the offense, right?

You should, but then you have to account for Les Miles. He is truly the Cosmo Kramer of college football: awkward, odd, frequently flat-out wrong, and yet somehow capable of getting anything he wants. Except the Michigan job, but I doubt that was his fault. So I’m going with the Tigers, and I’m hoping I’m wrong.

Pick: LSU 16, Wisconsin 13

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