A dozen managers on MLB’s 2014 hot seat

3. Walt Weiss, Colorado Rockies

Walt Weiss

It has been a rough couple of months for the Rockies who have plummeted to the worst record in MLB (40-60) after a promising start. Everyone from the owner on down has taken heat in recent weeks.

My take on the Rockies is that a franchise handicapped by its pitchers taking the toll of pitching 81 games a year at 5,280 feet will never be successful long term. That is a reality that cannot be changed. And Troy Tulowitzki’s frequent injuries don’t help.

But Weiss was a strange hire from out of the blue two years ago, and based on frustration from management and the team’s fan base, he could be one of the heads rolling come October. At least he would still get paychecks through 2016 based on the three-year extension signed at the end of 2013.

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