Pat Foley will finally be inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame


Pat Foley is finally being recognized for being one of the best at what he does.

Sports announcers can be just as iconic as great sports teams. If you’re lucky, you grow up listening to a great announcer doing the play-by-play or color commentary for your favorite team.

Announcers are like soundtracks to movies. If they are great, they become more than just background noise – they become an integral part of the larger whole. Pat Foley, longtime announcer for the Chicago Blackhawks, is they kind of announcer that adds a whole other level the game with his play-by-play and personality.

During his 30-plus year career announcing Blackhawks’ games, Foley has made watching the sometimes horrible and sometimes amazing Blackhawks fun, so I was extremely glad to see he will be awarded the Foster Memorial Award for “outstanding contributions as a hockey broadcaster” and will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Listening to Foley’s screams and wails during tense parts of games is something my friends and I enjoy during every Blackhawks game. We laugh, but inside we know Foley’s screams come from the love of a franchise that has been lucky to have him for so long.

Coming off of a painful but awesome Western Conference Final lose to the Los Angeles Kings, news of Foley finally getting the recognition he deserves couldn’t have come at a better time. It reminded me that sometimes the best part of your favorite team isn’t how many Stanley Cups they’ve won, but the people that make you fall in love with the game over and over again.

Pat Foley is one of those guys, and to celebrate, here are some of his best calls.


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