Teddy Bridgewater turned in an average performance at his pro day

For quarterbacks, pro days are supposed to be a scripted, hermetically-sealed opportunity to show off for NFL scouts and make a great impression. Rarely do you hear of quarterback prospects showing poorly in those situations. Unfortunately for Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, he turned in a forgettable performance at his pro day on Monday.

Teddy BridgewaterThe reviews are in for Bridgewater, and they are decidedly unenthusiastic. Though he will almost certainly be one of the top three signal-callers taken in the 2014 NFL Draft, Bridgewater wasn’t great during his workout. The 6-2 quarterback weighed in at 208 pounds, which was a bit light, then clocked a time of 4.78 in his 40-yard dash. He decided not to run a second attempt.

The passing portion of the workout was shockingly not impressive. Bridgewater’s throws wobbled and were not incredibly accurate. He was decent on tosses of fewer than 20 yards, but his deeper throws floated and did not show good zip. When he tried to uncork long balls, they hung and died rather than zipping through to the target.

Bridgewater got more comfortable as the workout progressed, but still didn’t blow anyone away. His execution on sideline patters also left a lot to be desired.

Bridgewater decided not to throw at the NFL Scouting Combine and that decision could wind up hurting him, since his pro day went so poorly. That said, workouts are really just a small part of the draft process and he has enough positive film that I doubt a tough day on Monday will move his stock too far.

Still, whenever a top quarterback doesn’t turn in a lights-out pro day it’s news, since it is so scripted and easy to prepare for. Bridgewater didn’t have an impressive showing and that’s incredibly rare.

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