Report: Alex Rodriguez has discussed taking reduced ban

Alex Rodriguez is facing a 211-game suspension for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal that rocked Major League Baseball last year. Up until now Rodriguez has been defiant in not admitting any wrongdoing, but reports suggest his attitude may be shifting.

Alex RodriguezWallace Matthews of ESPN New York was told by a source close to Rodriguez that the slugger has discussed possibly accepting a reduced suspension from MLB.

After he stormed out of his arbitration hearing back in November, Rodriguez claimed he would fight any suspension in federal court. Matthews’ source claims A-Rod will almost certainly file an injunction if arbitrator Fredric Horowitz hands down a suspension longer than 100 games. But Rodriguez has apparently softened his stance on the process.

In the end it might not be worth the legal fees necessary for A-Rod to fight MLB court if the suspension is smaller than 100 games. According to the source, taking his battle to the courtroom will cost Rodriguez “at least $10 million, with no guarantee of winning.”

Meanwhile, a 100-game suspension will close Rodriguez $15,425,000 of his $25 million salary for 2014.

The source had the following to say:

All of this has been presented to Alex and he is weighing his options. In certain situations it may not make much sense to continue to fight.

It’s not just a matter of money. It’s also about the mental anguish of going through this and not knowing if or when you’re going to play again. Alex might decide to take his medicine and move on.

Horowitz could make a ruling on the suspension as soon as Friday.

It makes sense that Rodriguez would accept a lesser suspension to make this entire situation go away.

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