2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 5


New week and new 2013 NFL power rankings.

Five undefeated teams remain after four weeks, three of which reside out west. Seattle and Denver aren’t much of a surprise at this point as we expected dominance out of both squads. On the other hand, New England sporting a perfect record right now is a bit of a shock after adding a bunch of new personnel for Tom Brady to target and feed.

Then there are the Saints. At this stage of the 2012 season New Orleans was 0-4. Fast-forward one year and the Saints sit at 4-0. What a difference it pays in having Sean Payton back along with an actual defense capable of slowing teams down.

And lastly, Kansas City also sports an undefeated record. Although the Chiefs have yet to play a legit contender, wins are wins and K.C. does possess the talent to make some noise in the AFC.

So let’s dive into Week 5’s rankings.


1. Seattle Seahawks 4-0, (last week: 1)

Seattle’s comeback victory over Houston on the road was damn impressive. And the Seahawks have proven they can win in multiple ways.

2. Denver Broncos 4-0, (last week: 2)

Denver’s thumping of Philadelphia served to further prove the team’s explosiveness. Now picture the Broncos when Von Miller comes back. Yikes.

3. New England Patriots 4-0, (last week: 3)

Impressive win on the road in the Georgia Dome for Tom Brady and co. Getting another road win in Cincinnati would only enhance New England’s long-term potential this season.

4. New Orleans Saints 4-0, (last week: 4)

New Orleans is making a strong case to potentially challenge Seattle for the NFC title. The defense has nearly pulled a 180-degree turnaround from last season and the offense remains stellar.

5. San Francisco 49ers 2-2, (last week: 7)

Solid divisional road win on a short week for San Francisco. Now the team must avoid those flub games like what occurred in Week 3.

6. Baltimore Ravens 2-2, (last week: 5)

Week 4 was an extremely disappointing loss for Baltimore against the Bills. Other showings like Joe Flacco’s five-pick performance won’t help moving forward.

7. Houston Texans 2-2, (last week: 6)

The Texans still have yet to prove they are capable of putting teams away, or win in the clutch.

8. Miami Dolphins 3-1, (last week: 9)

Reality check for Miami on Monday night as they were blown out by the Saints. Winning in New Orleans is virtually impossible, so it’s gut check time for the Dolphins in Week 5.

9. Indianapolis Colts 3-1, (last week: 11)

Yes it was Jacksonville, but winning in dominant fashion on the road against a division rival is a confidence booster for the Colts.

10. Kansas City Chiefs 4-0, (last week: 14)

Another sound win for the Chiefs in Week 4, although all four wins have come against opponents that combine for a 3-13 record.

11. Chicago Bears 3-1, (last week: 8)

It was a valiant comeback effort by Chicago, but the Bears won’t win when turning the rock over. Not to mention the defense remains a huge question mark as it has yet to play a full game.

12. Tennessee Titans, 3-1, (last week: 16)

Had it not been for the tough overtime road loss to Houston, the Titans would be undefeated. Tennessee has playoff potential and isn’t going away this season, though the loss of Jake Locker for a few weeks will certainly hurt.

13. Detroit Lions 3-1, (last week: 17)

Nice NFC North victory to fend off the Bears on Sunday. But, the Lions must win at Lambeau Field this week to prove they can make the postseason.

14. Cincinnati Bengals 2-2, (last week: 10)

Cincinnati never seems to play well on the road against Cleveland. This week was no exception and it showed another reason why it’s hard to believe in the Bengals.

15. Green Bay Packers 1-2, (last week: 13)

Bye week for the Pack, so let’s see how well-prepared they are for Detroit this Sunday.

16. Atlanta Falcons 1-3, (last week: 12)

There’s not much to worry about regarding Atlanta’s offense. But the Dirty Birds have to figure out their defensive identity. And until then, the Falcons will be on the NFC’s postseason bubble.

17. Buffalo Bills 2-2, (last week: 21)

Really impressive all-around win for Buffalo over Baltimore. But establishing consistency is a must before emerging as a postseason contender.

18. San Diego Chargers 2-2, (last week: 23)

Philip Rivers has tossed 11 touchdowns to just two interceptions thus far. And per usual, when Rivers plays well the Bolts typically end up in the win column.

19. Dallas Cowboys 2-2, (last week: 15)

The “D” in Dallas stands for disappointing right now. The Cowboys don’t win winnable games and are still terrible in coverage, as haven’t shown much of a ground game.

20. Carolina Panthers 1-2, (last week: 19)

After slamming the Giants, Cam Newton and co. had a bye week. How Carolina responds in Week 5 will be telling of its 2013 outcome.

21. Cleveland Browns 2-2, (last week: 27)

How about the Browns defense? Cleveland held Cincinnati to a mere six points and forced two turnovers. In addition, the Browns got more production from quarterback Brian Hoyer and the offense for a complete win.

22. Minnesota Vikings 1-3, (last week: 22)

Is Matt Cassel the solution under center for Minnesota? It sure looked like it against Pittsburgh in London, but it also help that Adrian Peterson utterly steamrolled the Steel Curtain.

23. New York Jets 2-2, (last week: 20)

The 2012 version of the New York Jets made an appearance on Sunday. For Gang Green’s sake, let’s hope this doesn’t become a weekly showing.

24. St. Louis Rams 1-3, (last week: 18)

The only bright side of St. Louis’ three straight losses are that each loss has come against a legit playoff contender. Luckily the Jaguars come to town this week.

25. Arizona Cardinals 2-2, (last week: 24)

Arizona got a much needed win on the road over Tampa Bay on Sunday. The Cardinals defense stepped up and the offense capitalized right on cue.

26. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3, (last week: 25)

Philadelphia doesn’t have much of a defense. Yeah they faced Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Week 4, but the Eagles were bad in all three phases as well.

27. Washington Redskins 1-3, (last week: 26)

A win is a win is a win. Washington outlasted the Raiders in Oakland, but that won’t mean much if the Redskins can’t find their explosive offense from 2012.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-4, (last week: 28)

Having no run defense is an unfamiliar position for Pittsburgh. That said, the Steelers have the offense to score, but Ben Roethlisberger has to get help from the defense and a running game to turn this dismal start around.

29. New York Giants 0-4, (last week: 29)

After getting blanked by Carolina in Week 3, Eli Manning and the Giants mustered one measly touchdown against Kansas City. Big Blue’s non-existent offensive consistency and unreliable defense is minimizing their potential.

30. Oakland Raiders 1-3, (last week: 30)

The Raiders do have a respectable defense, but the offense remains an atrocity. At least Dennis Allen has this team headed in a slightly positive direction compared to recent Oakland head coaches.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-4, (last week: 31)

New quarterback, same result. Mike Glennon didn’t offer much to help bolster Tampa’s offense and Doug Martin isn’t producing. The defense is doing all it can, but with no offense the Buccaneers won’t make it to January.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-4, (last week: 32)

Regardless of who it faces in 2013, Jacksonville will be the underdog. The Jaguars simply don’t have a dependable signal-caller and the defense is unbearable to watch.


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