Report: Alex Rodriguez associates leaked other Biogenesis names to media

A new bombshell was dropped in the Biogenesis scandal surrounding New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and this one is a doozy. ESPN is reporting that members of Rodriguez’s inner circle leaked the names of Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and his own teammate, Francisco Cervelli, to the media in connection with Biogenesis.

Alex RodriguezThe leak came just days after the Miami New Times published redacted documents from Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch that revealed the doping regimens for a group of professional athletes, including Rodriguez.

A report by “60 Minutes” claims that members of Rodriguez’s camp obtained the unredacted versions of those documents and sent them to Yahoo! Sports. Braun and Cervelli’s names were both on those versions. Yahoo! was the first outlet to report Braun and Cervelli’s involvement with Biogenesis.

Rodriguez’s lawyer, David Cornwell had the following to say about this latest report:

These allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex, this time by driving a wedge between him and other players in the league. While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues. These improper and viciously false leaks will not alter the fact that MLB exceeded its authority under the JDA (Joint Drug Agreement) and the 211 game (suspension) will not stand.

Baseball claims it has evidence that Rodriguez obtained documents from Biogenesis and therefore tampered with the investigation. That is the reason he was given a longer suspension than the other players involved.

Both Braun and Cervelli accepted suspensions for their involvement with Biogenesis and will sit out the rest of the 2013 season. Rodriguez is still playing and will face an appeal hearing this winter.

This latest revelation could further turn fellow players against Rodriguez, since he is accused of throwing other players under the bus.

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