Report: Alex Rodriguez will be banned for life if he doesn’t settle with MLB

A report has surfaced that claims if New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez doesn’t come to some kind of settlement with Major League Baseball, he will be banned for life. HardballTalk is reporting that a source told the website that a lifetime ban is definitely on the table.

Alex RodriguezObviously Rodriguez would appeal such a suspension, and the arbitrator who would hear the case (Frederic Horowitz) would be unlikely to uphold such a ban since A-Rod has never been disciplined for performance-enhancing drugs before. But that doesn’t mean Rodriguez wouldn’t face a severe punishment.

Even if he were successful in having his suspension reduced, the league believes Rodriguez would face a ban of 150 games or more. That type of suspension is reportedly on par with what the league is currently offering him in a settlement.

HBT’s source further claims that Major League Baseball is unwilling to agree to a suspension of Rodriguez in the 100-game range and is demanding a much harsher punishment. The league believes it has “compelling evidence of significant malfeasance on Rodriguez’s part.” That includes the use of performance-enhancing drugs, sending other players seeking PEDs to the Biogenesis clinic and his attempts to obtain and possibly destroy evidence in the case.

Rodriguez and his attorneys dispute that he tried to destroy evidence or sent other players to Biogenesis. Despite that, HBT’s source claims Rodriguez is “in for a world of hurt.”

The source further claims that Rodriguez’s suspension is likely coming down on Friday along with all the other players connected to the Biogenesis case.

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