On being a fan in Boston, Cleveland, and Oklahoma City on Monday night

Sports are a beautiful creation. What else could make a rather mundane Monday in May as exciting as it turned out to be? From Boston to Cleveland to Oklahoma City, the excitement and heartbreak was rampant.

Fans in three cities were delighted on Thursday, while others were left heartbroken.

Cleveland was given a great day by the Indians. A doubleheader was played against the New York Yankees, who are currently playing well without a majority of their payroll.

The Tribe came into the game tied for first in the AL Central with the Detroit Tigers, and are arguably the hottest team in baseball. They have had attendance issues all year, but not on Monday. Over 20,000 fans packed Progressive Field to watch the first-place Indians take the field.

The attendance issue is discussed every year regarding the Indians. Pundits get upset when fans are not in the stadium, but why should fans go when the team has not established a winning culture over the past decade? The team has reached first place in each of the past two years, and proceeded to bottom out as the year progressed. The Indians team currently being put on the field is much more talented than in years past, so fans will begin to show up if the team continues to win. Win and fans will come. It’s as simple as that.

The Indians took the first game of the doubleheader 1-0 and lost the second by the score of 7-0. While they only split the twin-bill, fans have to be thrilled about the way the team is playing.

Boston BruinsHead over to Boston and you will find a city that is in a current state of euphoria over the Bruins’ performance in Game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

It was do-or-die and the Bruins were headed towards defeat. With just less than 11 minutes to go the Bruins found themselves down 4-1 in the deciding Game 7.

The Bruins were never supposed to be in this position. They were up 3-1 after four games, but somehow found themselves in a Game 7 after two-straight losses to the Maple Leafs.

With less than two minutes left Bruins fans were praying for some type of miracle. A Milan Lucic goal gave some hope to the fans as the score became 4-3.

While the goal was still being announced over the public address system, the unthinkable happened and the 17,000-plus in attendance lost it. With only 51 seconds remaining, Patrice Bergeron found the back of the net to tie the game 4-4 after defeat was almost certain just minutes before.

Bergeron then scored the game-winner in overtime to propel the Bruins to the next round and give fans in Boston a sense that luck is on their side.

While there was joy in Cleveland and Boston, fans in Oklahoma City are seeing their lone professional sports team nearing the end of its season.

Fans in Oklahoma City saw their Thunder team head into the playoffs as the top seed in the West and a favorite to reach the NBA Finals. All of that changed when Russell Westbrook was injured and forced to miss the rest of the playoffs. Kevin Durant is now in charge of trying to lead the team on to the next round basically on his own, like LeBron James used to do in Cleveland.

Fans can only wonder what could have been if Westbrook remained healthy. The season will end if the Thunder lose any of the next three games in the series, and their chances of winning the series seem slim.

If Thunder fans are feeling down now, they can at least find solace in the fact that they are not Maple Leafs fans. After holding a 4-1 lead with 11 minutes left, a loss was the last thing on their minds. The beauty and tragedy of sports was on display at its finest on Monday night.

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