2013 Puppy Bowl Preview: What To Watch For and Potential MVPs

I am sure many of you will be spending your Sunday watching the Super Bowl.

For me and many other dog lovers, one of the highlights of Super Bowl Sunday will be watching the ninth annual Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl Basic Info

3 Things to Look Forward To

1) Hedgehog Cheerleaders

Last year we saw roosters and chickens cheer on our puppy companions. This year it’s the misunderstood hedgehog.

Not much is known about the cheering talent of the hedgehog. Will their spines pose a safety risk to the puppies? How exactly does a hedgehog cheer?

It makes for a peculiar pick as cheerleaders, but I am excited to see how effective the hedgehogs are.

2) Cute Cam

For the first time in Puppy Bowl history, fans will be able to watch all the cuteness in slow motion thanks to the new Cute Cam.

This is a novel idea that could enhance several types of moments during the game, but I also think it could be overused. We wouldn’t want the Puppy Bowl to become a Zach Snyder movie.

Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to be excited about a “Cute Cam.”

3) Puppy Hot Tub

Also new to the Puppy Bowl is a puppy hot tub, where players can relax their sore muscles during or after the game.

Like all great athletes, there comes certain needs. During or after a game, muscles may become tight, and a quick bathe in a  hot tub could be the perfect remedy.

It’s nice to see the league is taking in consideration the health of the puppy athletes.

3 Potential Puppy Bowl MVPs

Though all the puppies are winners in my book, here are some of the players that stood out to me and have my picks for potential Puppy Bowl MVPS.

1) Agatha

Agatha is a miniature pinscher that “loves to be the center of attention and get everyone going.”


 Top players on teams love being the center of attention. It’s what drives them to succeed.

This is going to make her a difference maker in this game.

2) Daisy

Daisy has all the signs of an MVP.


She is a Yorkshire terrier that isn’t afraid to get dirty. Her favorite hobby is to “wrestle with her two brothers.”

That tells me she’s a fighter and not intimidated easily by dogs that are bigger than her. In the game of football, this attitude is essential if one wants to be successful and win games.

3) Sally

It’s all about defense for Sally, a dachshund/basset hound mix.


Her number one attribute is “stealing slippers.” I predict Sally to become this Puppy Bowl’s Charles Tillman.

Defense is the best offense, and limiting the other team is one way to assure victory. Watch for Sally to make big defensive plays in high tension moments.


I hope you’re all excited about the 2013 Puppy Bowl as I am. I tried to get my dog, Stewie, in shape for this year’s Puppy Bowl, but he refused and, instead, decided he’d rather sleep.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

Stewie Sleeping


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