Surviving The Bye Week: Packers Fan Edition

I have never really considered myself a creature of habit.

To the contrary, I always thought that I was a “roll with flow” kind of guy who can alter his schedule and activities to suit any situation.

Then, more than a few years ago, the NFL enacted a new feature that has proven that not only was my assumption wrong, it was really, really wrong.

My original theory has been dashed as a result of the “bye” week.

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy may be ecstatic heading into the bye week, but that doesn’t mean fans have to be looking forward to a Pack-free weekend. (Image via Amanda Lawson’s Facebook timeline)

Now, to hear the players talk about it, the week off during the season is the perfect opportunity to get some rest, heal up a bit, and get their minds set for the remainder of the season and, as they all hope, the post-season drive.

Coaches use the extra time away from the regular weekly game preparation to assess what has happened so far into the regular season, reassess personnel, and make their own rest-of-the-season and, they all hope, post-season drive plans.

I’m sure there are legions of fans that use the time away from watching their team play to spend time with their families, rake their yards, and accomplish other tasks that have been neglected since the first kick off of the season. (Personally, I think they are under the false belief that those activities won’t wait until the NBA season is in full swing.)

Me?  I spend that week in the “Twilight Zone.”

First of all, there is no good time for a die-hard fan to go into the bye-week.

If your team wins before the break, the bye week becomes a momentum killer. If they lose before the recess, you have to suffer an extra week before they have a chance to get back into the win column. And those are just the slightest problems that can be caused by the hiatus.

The die-hard fan must be extremely cautious about what to wear during the bye week.

I am not superstitious, mind you, it’s just that my gameday wardrobe does have magical qualities when my team is on a hot streak. On that off weekend, you have to determine if the football gods expect you to wear the same outfit, just to keep on the roll, or if wearing those special clothes on an off-week means you could be risking the karma. Add in the accessories, such as wristbands, caps, and jewelry and, as anyone can see, there is a chance for a fashion faux-pas if you screw up.

For me, the choices this week will be difficult, and the wait until the next time the Packers play will be insufferable.

However, I will muster through and do my very best to put to idle time to good use. I’m going to plant myself in my favorite recliner, which serves as a luxury box/coaching booth when the game is on, and dive into a plate of hot wings and a few cold beverages to wash them down while watching the video of our last Super Bowl win.

Hey, even if I don’t have a game, I can still practice.

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