Movember Update: Which MSFer Is Rocking The Best Facial Hair?

November is a month known for many things, including Thanksgiving, famous Thanksgiving Day football, deer hunting season, No Shave November, etc.

I am sure many of our readers have heard of Movember, too.

Movember is all about growing a mustache/beard (or whatever your face can manage to sprout) and most importantly, raising awareness and money to support initiatives for combating prostate cancer and testicular cancer. This year, your favorite contributors from Midwest Sports Fans decided to start a team and support this selfless cause.

You learn more about the team here.

Now we love good competition here at MSF. So what fun would it be if we didn’t critique these fuzzy faces? As a neutral bystander and huge advocate of facial hair, I have decided to judge all of the MSF fuzzy faces of Movember!

Before we get started, I am going to explain my grading scale.

Each individual will receive a number score, 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest.

1 = The Peach Fuzz. Barely there and soft to the touch.

2 = The Dirty ‘Stache. A mustache/beard that you would associate with a fugitive on the run who hasn’t showered in about a week.

3 =  The Halfway There. It’s definitely more than peach fuzz. But it’s definitely not a Sylvester Sam ‘stache. Often times there are hairless patches among the fuzz.

4 =  Ladies Man. This ‘stache will definitely get the ladies attention. Full but trimmed and well-kept. If James Bond were to grow a mustache, this is where he would fall.

5 = Rated X. Only a woman can handle a mustache so full and mature. Sylvester Sam rocks this one.

Not everyone would consider the “Rated X” ‘stache/beard to be the best, and some ladies might prefer “The Dirty ‘Stache.” This is just my opinion.

Now that you understand my grading scale, let’s get started!

Trevor Stewart
Trevor’s beard and ‘stache halfway through Movember.

**If you like Trevor’s facial fuzz, support him and the cause by donating at our Mo Space page.

Likes: Trevor, you have fantastic teeth. Ok, that’s not part of the grading system, but it needed to be said. You definitely have fuzz and it is visible. That’s a plus.

Dislikes: You definitely have the mustache going on, but there are some missing patches in your beard.

Final Score: 3 – The Halfway There


Kevin Bertolini
Kevin rocking the ‘stache.

**If you like Kevin’s ‘stache, support him and the cause by donating at his Mo Space page.

Likes: This is a clean, crisp ‘stache. Full, but not overwhelming. Kevin could definitely steal the spotlight with this ‘stache.


Final Score: 4 – Ladies Man


Mike James
Mike sports his team with a face full of fuzz.

**If you like Mike’s full face of fuzz, support him and the cause by donating at our Mo Space page.

Likes: This beard and ‘stache is full. Not a single patch of hairlessness here.

Dislikes: I prefer my beards and ‘staches to be dark. Sorry Mike!

Final Score: 4.5 – The Grizzly Man (Yes I am allowed to change my grading scale at any point)

Mike’s beard and ‘stache have the fullness to be a Ladies Man or X Rated, but the light colored facial fuzz brings makes it less noticeable. However, thick facial protection will keep you warm in the wilderness!


Chris Callaway
Chris working hard to fill out his facial hair.

**If you like Chris’s hairy look, support him and the cause by donating at his Mo Space page.

Likes: There is a substantial amount of hair there.

Dislikes: Chris has a few hairless patches, and his facial fluff is very light.

Final Score: 2 – The Dirty ‘Stache. (I know Chris has more than a ‘stache, but he falls somewhere between Halfway There and Peach Fuzz.)


Jerod Morris
Jerod is James Bond?

**If you like Jerod’s stubble, support him and the cause by donating at his Mo Space page.

Likes: I am not sure if Jerod was reading my grading scale while I wrote this post or not. Either way, This is what I am talking about. James Bond with facial hair.

Dislikes: Mustache could be a bit thicker, but the neat facial hair appearance is what will catch the ladies attention.

Final Score: 4 – Ladies Man


Tyler Juranovich
Tyler arrogantly showing off his ‘stache.

**If you like Tyler’s facial style, support him and the cause by donating at his Mo Space page.

Likes: Of course Tyler knows how much I LOVE Jay Cutler (SARCASM ON HIGH). There is definitely a ‘stache, so he has that going for him.

Dislikes: Jay Cutler

Final Score: 2 – The Dirty ‘Stache


Kurt Crowley
Kurt Crowley does facial hair right!

**If you like Kurt’s fancy goatee, support him and the cause by donating at our Mo Space page.

Likes: Kurt seems to know how to rock facial hair. No patches? Check. Dark fuzz to grab attention? Check. Well-kempt? Check.

Dislikes: None

Final Score: 5 – X Rated


Keith Mullet
Keith bringing back a 70’s classic ‘stache.

**If you like Keith’s stunning ‘stache, support him and the cause by donating at his Mo Space page.

Likes: It’s different than most Movember ‘staches. And it reminds me of this.

Dislikes: None

Final Score: 5 – X Rated


Of course I am still wondering why none of these men can grow a studly ‘stache like myself.

If you like my ‘stache, you can support me and the cause by donating at my Mo Space page!


Which fella rocks the facial fuzz the best? Let us know below!

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Amanda Lawson

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