Which Call Was Worse?

Did umpires decide the Braves-Cardinals game? (File photo by RHMI via CC BY 3.0)

Sports are something I enjoy watching. I’ve played baseball since I was five and always rooted for the St. Louis Cardinals.

I’ve never played football, and even though I live in Dubuque and previously lived in Wisconsin for 16 years, I’ve never been a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

So, it’s with a little bit of bias that I pose this question: Which call was worse, the Golden Tate touchdown to beat the Packers on Monday Night Football, or the infield fly rule that wasn’t the infield fly rule that squashed an Atlanta Braves rally against the Cardinals in the Wild Card playoff game?

The call against the Packers was, by most accounts, wrong. Replacement referees made it, yes, but it was so blatantly obvious to everyone else – the announcers, analysts and other officials – that it was wrong.

That call cost the Packers the game, but it did bring about a positive. Three days later, the real referees were back on the field for Thursday Night Football. The NFL can say that call had nothing to do with the sudden contract agreement, but we all know different.

The call in the Cardinals-Braves game was also a bad one. Thirty feet into the outfield and with the ball 30 feet from the ground, the left field ump called the infield fly rule. He made a mistake.

One could argue it was an even more egregious call than the Tate touchdown, as it was in a playoff game. But the Braves made three errors. The Cardinals outplayed them. Where as the touchdown ended the game decisively for one team, the infield fly debacle just quashed a rally. It didn’t decide the game. Three errors. That doesn’t help.

So, world, which Midwest team got the bigger bad deal, the Packers or the Cardinals? Your call.

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