Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: San Francisco Giants World Series Very Special Episode (VSE)

Sunday night was a beautiful evening for Giants fans.

The San Fransisco Giants captured their second World Series in three seasons by sweeping the Detroit Tigers. Thus, ending the 2012 MLB season.

Corey was under the weather this week, so our featured guest, Tim Livingston got bumped in to the co-hosts chair as he and I recap the 2012 World Series, discuss the individual playoff runs the Tigers and Giants had and what this means for the Giants going forward.

Also on the show:

  • Will Marco Scutaro remain a Giant?
  • How cool Scutaro pretending he was Tim Robbins was.
  • Why Game 1 was the most important in the World Series
  • Revisiting the effect the All-Star game, and it’s players (Verlander, Sandoval, Melky), had on the Series outcome
  • What our favorite moments of the 2012 Postseason were.
  • Where will Josh Hamilton sign? With special attention paid to the Washington Nationals.
  • John Farrell being traded for Mike Aviles

Click on the player below to listen:

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I should probably warn you, the listener, that Tim and I digress into some pro wrestling talk at the very end of the show. It’s worth it though if you want to know which version of the Midnight Express we prefer and want to know too much about a very specific Tajiri vs. Steve Corino match.

The match is Not Safe For Work due to blood and anything that comes out of Steve Corino’s mouth.


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