This Week’s College Football TV Schedule and Point Spreads: Week 4 – Saturday, September 22nd

We’re a month into the college football season, folks. I hope you’re having as much fun watching the games as I am. We have a lot of good games this week that I am looking forward to. Hopefully you are too.

So settle down, relax, and get ready for a great weekend of college football.

As always, we begin with some of the marquee games to pay attention to this week and then the entire rundown of the college football TV schedule and point spreads for Week 4.

Marquee College Football Games, Week 4

No. 18 Michigan at No. 11 Notre Dame

  • Michigan-Notre Dame Date: Saturday, September 22nd
  • Michigan-Notre Dame Kickoff Time: 7:30pm
  • Michigan-Notre Dame TV: NBC
  • Michigan-Notre Dame Spread: Notre Dame -4.5
  • Preview by Keith Mullett forthcoming…

college-football-tv-schedule-point-spreadsBYU at No. 24 Boise State

  • BYU-Boise State Date: Thursday, September 20th
  • BYU-Boise State Kickoff Time: 9pm
  • BYU-Boise State TV: ESPN
  • BYU-Boise State Spread: Boise State -6

No. 10 Clemson at No. 4 Florida State

  • Clemson-Florida State Date: Saturday, September 22nd
  • Clemson-Florida State Kickoff Time: 8pm
  • Clemson-Florida State TV: ABC
  • Clemson-Florida State Spread: Florida State -14.5

No. 15 Kansas State at No. 6 Oklahoma

  • Kansas State-Oklahoma Date: Saturday, September 22nd
  • Kansas State-Oklahoma Kickoff Time: 7:50pm
  • Kansas State-Oklahoma TV: Fox
  • Kansas State-Oklahoma Spread: Oklahoma -14

Fun note on this last game. MSF editor Jerod Morris will be in attendance, with prime seats on the 50-yard line, as part of his four-week college football journey sponsored by La Quinta.

Complete Week 4 TV Schedule & Spreads Table

Date Teams Time TV Spread
Thurs. 9-20 BYU at No. 24 Boise State 9pm ESPN BSU -6
Fri. 9-21 Baylor at Lousiana-Monroe 8pm ESPN BAY -7.5
Sat. 9-22 Maryland at No. 8 West Virginia 12pm FX WV -26.5
Sat. 9-22 Kentucky at No. 14 Florida 12pm SEC Network FL -24
Sat. 9-22 UAB at No. 16 Ohio State 12pm Big Ten Network OSU 37
Sat. 9-22 Virginia at No. 17 TCU 12pm ESPN TCU -17
Sat. 9-22 Massachusetts at Miami (OH) 12pm ESPN 3 MIA -24.5
Sat. 9-22 Bowling Green at Virginia Tech 12pm ESPN U VT -19
Sat. 9-22 UTEP at Wisconsin 12pm ESPN 2 WISC -18
Sat. 9-22 Central Michigan at Iowa 12pm Big Ten Network Iowa -15
Sat. 9-22 Ole Miss at Tulane 12pm FSN TUL -17.5
Sat. 9-22 Army at Wake Forest 12:30pm ESPN 3 WF -7
Sat. 9-22 Norfolk State at Ohio 2pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 Northwesten Oklahoma State at UTSA 2pm TBA NA
Sat. 9-22 Connecticut at Western Michigan 2pm ESPN 3 UCONN -1.5
Sat. 9-22 Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech 3pm ESPN 3 GT -14.5
Sat. 9-22 Missouri at No. 7 South Carolina 3:30pm CBS SC -10.5
Sat. 9-22 Oregon State at No. 19 UCLA 3:30pm ABC UCLA -7.5
Sat. 9-22 Eastern Michigan at Michigan State 3:30pm Big Ten Network MSU -33.5
Sat. 9-22 Idaho State at No. 25 Nebraska 3:30pm Big Ten Network NA
Sat. 9-22 South Dakota at Northwestern 3:30pm Big Ten Network NA
Sat. 9-22 East Carolina at North Carolina 3:30pm ESPN U NC -17
Sat. 9-22 Temple at Penn State 3:30pm ABC PSU -7.5
Sat. 9-22 Gardner-Webb at Pittsburgh 3:30pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 Marshall at Rice 3:30pm CSBA MARSH -2
Sat. 9-22 Virginia Milltary Institute at Navy 3:30pm CBS Sports Network
Sat. 9-22 Kansas at Northern Illinois 3:30pm ESPN 3 NI -9
Sat. 9-22 Colorado at Washington State 4pm FX WSU -21
Sat. 9-22 South Florida at Ball State 4:30pm ESPN 3 USF -10
Sat. 9-22 Florida Atlantic at No. 1 Alabama 5pm ESPN 3 ALA -49
Sat. 9-22 Wyoming at Idaho 5pm ESPN 3 Idaho -2
Sat. 9-22 California at No. 13 USC 6pm Pac-12 Network USC -16
Sat. 9-22 Memphis at Duke 6pm ESPN 3 Duke -23.5
Sat. 9-22 Citdael at North Carolina State 6pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 No. 2 LSU at Auburn 7pm ESPN LSU -20.5
Sat. 9-22 No. 20 Louisville at Florida International 7pm ESPN 3 LOUIS -13.5
Sat. 9-22 South Alabama at No. 23 Mississippi State 7pm ESPN 3 MISS -34
Sat. 9-22 Rutgers at Arkansas 7pm ESPN U ARK -7
Sat. 9-22 Utah State at Colorado State 7pm FTVD UTS -13
Sat. 9-22 Southern Miss at Western Kentucky 7pm ESPN 3 WK -4.5
Sat. 9-22 South Carolina State at Texas A&M 7pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 Troy at North Texas 7pm ESPN 3 NT -1
Sat. 9-22 Stephen F. Austin at Texas State 7pm TBA NA
Sat. 9-22 Alcorn State at Arkansas State 7pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 Coastal Carolina at Toledo 7pm ESPN 3 NA
Sat. 9-22 No. 18 Michigan at No. 11 Notre Dame 7:30pm NBC ND -4.5
Sat. 9-22 Akron at Tennessee 7:30pm ESPN 3 TENN -34.5
Sat. 9-22 Vanderbilt at No. 5 Georgia 7:45pm ESPN 2 GA -15.5
Sat. 9-22 No. 15 Kansas State at No. 6 Oklahoma 7:50pm FOX OKL -14
Sat. 9-22 No. 10 Clemson at No. 4 Florida State 8pm ABC FSU -14.5
Sat. 9-22 San Jose State at San Diego State 8pm KUSI SDS -3
Sat. 9-22 Syracuse at Minnesota 8pm Big Ten Network MINN -1
Sat. 9-22 New Mexico at New Mexico State 8pm ESPN 3 NMS -6.5
Sat. 9-22 Fresno State at Tulsa 8pm CBS Sports Network Tulsa -5.5
Sat. 9-22 Louisiana Tech at Illinois 8pm Big Ten Network ILL -3
Sat. 9-22 Utah at Arizona State 10pm Pac-12 Network ASU -7
Sat. 9-22 Air Force at UNLV 10pm NA AF -10.5
Sat. 9-22 No. 22 Arizona at No. 3 Oregon 10:30pm ESPN ORE -23
Sat. 9-22 Nevada at Hawaii 10:30pm NBC Sports Network NEV -8
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