Fantasy Football Week 2 Start em, Sit em Lineup Advice: Welker, Wells, Weeden, Beard-Offs, and More!

Week 1 is in the books. 16 teams are undefeated. 16 teams are winless.

You probably lost your opening week fantasy game because you tried to get cute with your roster…or you started Andrew Luck.

It’s important to note that even though running backs seem to get drafted higher than every other position every year, only two running backs were in the top 10 for scoring in week 1. It seems like the value positions are switching from running back to wide receiver and quarterback.

Who knew that quarterback was an important position in football?

Here’s some start/sit advice for Week 2 by position.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Quarterbacks

Start ’em QB: Brandon Weeden

Just kidding! (But I still support him…)

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REAL Start ’em QB: Drew Brees

Brees had just an OK game last week and was largely overshadowed by RGIII’s super productive inaugural start. Brees actually threw for more yards than RGIII, but the veteran threw two picks and his Saints ended up losing.

I don’t see Brees having two bad weeks in a row, and he should take out his frustrations on the struggling Panthers this week. I think Brees will be the top scoring QB in Week 2.

Sit ’em QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick was projected by many to be one of the top 12 fantasy quarterbacks this year. He was just average last week against one of the best pass defenses in the league.

The Bills play the Chiefs, who looked horrible against the Falcons last week. I still think Kansas City is going to have a pretty good pass defense this year and that last week was just a Week 1 anomaly against a team determined to get its newly refined aerial attack going.

Couple the potentially poor matchup with the fact that WR David Nelson is out for the year with a torn ACL, and I don’t think Fitz is the best play if you have another good option at QB.

And now…we interrupt this fantasy analysis for a very important poll.

On beards.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick on the left, me on the right … whose beard kicks more ass?

Now back to fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Running Backs

Start ’em RB: Trent Richardson

The rookie only had 44 yards last week against a stout Eagles running defense, but it’s hard to judge a player by his first NFL game.

I watched the entire game and noticed that although he didn’t get too many carries, he was on the field for most of the game. So he appears to be healthy. Richardson showed flashes of brilliance on a play in which he knocked Kurt Coleman’s helmet off.

With the woes in the passing game that the Browns experienced last week, and the fact that Ray Rice had a field day against the Bengals D last week, I look for Richardson to get a lot more touches and be a lot more productive in his second start.

Sit ’em RB: Beanie Wells

This former Buckeye saw limited action last week due to his injury, but he should be back full time this week.

The Patriots’ run D looked fierce last week against the Titans, and the Patriots should be so far ahead at halftime that the Cardinals will likely be passing the ball a lot. And with Ryan Williams there to steal carries, there just won’t be enough to go around to make Beanie worth the start.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Wide Receivers

Start ’em WR: Wes Welker

Welker was pretty unproductive last week against the Titans. This was mostly due to the fact that he wasn’t a huge part of the game plan for the Patriots. But Bill Belicheck loves Welker, and I don’t see this being a recurring theme.

Couple this with the fact that they are playing the Cardinals at home, and it’s not time to sit Welker yet.

Wes Welker is still a stud – in fantasy football AND real life. (Image via @WesWelker)

Sit ’em WR: Kevin Ogletree

Every year in Week 1 there is a rookie or unheralded veteran who comes out of nowhere and scores big for his team, prompting a waiver wire frenzy. These players don’t usually continue to produce at a high level.

Kevin Ogletree was that guy in Week 1, and Jerod laid out several reasons why you should tap on the brakes a bit before trusting Ogletree as this year’s Victor Cruz.

The Cowboys also travel to Seattle this week. The Seahawks have a great pass defense and one of the biggest home field advantages in the NFL. Look for Ogletree’s production to drop dramatically in Week 2.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Tight Ends

Start ’em TE: Greg Olsen

This is a pick based on the match up. The Saints pass defense looks horrible this year, and Olsen should be a big target for Cam Newton this week. Look for Olsen to catch at least 90 balls for 45 touchdowns…at least.

Sit ’em TE: None

You know what? If you have a good tight end that you think is going to be productive, start him. Tight Ends are quickly becoming the favorite target for quarterbacks around the league. I would say start any good Tight End that you have at the flex position.

[Editor’s note: This is the most pathetic cop-out answer in the history of fantasy football analysis. Shame on you Gerlach.]

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Defense/Special Teams

Start ’em: Oakland Raiders

Because any defense that is moderately decent should dominate the Dolphins, and the Raiders are moderately decent on D.

Sit ’em: Cleveland Browns

The Browns D was one of the top fantasy defenses last week. But with Joe Haden out this week, and the Browns playing their first road game, I look for their pass defense to be a little less productive in Week 2.

They aren’t going to create 5 turnovers every week…right?….OR MAYBE THEY WILL!!!! 1985 BEARS LOOK OUT!!

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Kickers

Start: Whatever kicker you have on your team…especially if it’s Phil Dawson.

Phil Dawson is going to kick 200 field goals this year. Not bad for a guy that’s only 65 years old.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start/Sit: Sleeper Starts

QB Kevin Kolb

No, seriously. He didn’t look all that bad subbing for John Skelton at the end of the game against a tough Seahawks pass defense last week. The Pats should be up big early, so look for Kolb to throw the ball A LOT this week.

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Bengals wideout finished the game with 8 catches for 86 yards on Monday against Baltimore. Couple this with the fact that the Browns are missing their best player in the secondary this week (Haden) and Hawkins could be a great play for fantasy owners in PPR leagues.

He’s a speedster with sure hands as he caught 8 passes while 9 balls were  thrown his way.


 Have questions? Ask below. Otherwise, best of luck in Week 2!

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