2012 Fantasy Football QBs: Must-Haves and Stay-Aways

For a football fan, the NFL offseason seems to last forever.

Still three long months away, it is only appropriate to start thinking about how you will dominate in fantasy football.

There are many quarterbacks this year that will either be elite MVP quality…or a complete busts.

So who are must-have quarterbacks to have on your team when your time is put on the clock? And who should you avoid at all costs? Let’s analyze.

Fantasy Football Must-Have QBs for 2012

Well first off, why not try the league MVP Aaron Rodgers?

He has proven that he can be consistent and may pull MVP stats again this year. But beware, if you don’t have a top first round pick, don’t rely on him still being available.

Other no brainers are Tom Brady and Drew Brees. They have always had great years and this year should be no different (unless, of course, Brees never ends up making it to camp, in which case you should downgrade his value).

And let’s not forget the Super Bowl champion Eli Manning, as well as Cam Newton. Newton is a fantasy football beast, so don’t let him slide.

Don’t pass on Matthew Stafford. He has a great WR corps that can catch anything he chucks at them. He is a great asset and might take a step towards top tier status this season with another campaign of good health and incredible numbers.

Every year I defend Michael Vick in hopes that he will be as great as I say he will be. Help me out Michael! If you want to wait to pick a QB, Vick may be a good value choice for later on.

There are also some quarterbacks that people might overlook.

One is Christian Ponder.

No, I’m not crazy. He is an up-and-coming QB with potential considering Adrian Peterson may not be 100% and Minnesota figures to have to pass a lot.

I never liked drafting a rookie QB, but who am I to rule anything out? Just look at what Cam Newton did last year. So RGIII or Andrew Luck could give you a huge advantage as backups with upside later in the draft; but you have been warned should you decide to trust your QB1 slot to either guy.

Fantasy Football Stay-Away QBs for 2012

Avoid any QB that plays for the Seattle Seahawks. Both rookies Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson will be fighting for the starting position, along with incumbent Tarvaris Jackson. Whoever wins the starting job could be a valuable backup, but only if they lock it up.

And stay away from Philip Rivers. He won’t be worth the draft slot you will have to spend to get him.

Why? One word: Interceptions. Rivers’ style of play is not a great help for Fantasy owners, and take it from somebody who has learned first hand. Stay away!

With Ben Roethlisberger having issues with injuries, it may be smart to leave him unless no other QBs are available. I have nothing against Ben, it’s just that he gets hurt too often.

I don’t care how much you love Tim Tebow, why would you draft him? Yes his team wins, but he probably won’t be a starter, and when he does play, it’s not like he’s going to put up Drew Brees-type stats, so there is little potential reward for the risk.

And finally, as much as I like Peyton Manning, I have to pass on him.

I can’t give a logical reason other then my fantasy football conscience is chanting “STAY AWAY.”

Quarterbacks are the anchors of a fantasy team (unless you have someone like Calvin Johnson), so make your decisions very carefully. You have to acquire your QB for the right value, but he also has to put up consistent points every week to give you a chance to win.

I was so close to coming in first last year, but thanks to Aaron Rodgers not playing week 17 and my backup quarterback being Philip Rivers, my dreams were crushed.

If you feel I missed out on an important player or that I misplaced a player, please feel free to comment below.

Good Luck!

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