WWE Over the Limit Recap: John Laurinaitis Defeats John Cena In Main Event

Yes that title reads correctly; Laurinaitis did in fact defeat John Cena.

The way he won will certainly be addressed on Raw tonight, but before I get to that match let’s take a look at everything else that took place last night.


The pre-show featured Zack Ryder against Kane in a match that was actually competitive. As expected, Kane won Ryder suffered another loss as his future looks less and less bright in the company.

The night began with a Battle Royal in which the winner would get to choose to challenge for either Cody Rhodes’ Intercontinental Championship, or Santino’s United States Championship.

The ring began to fill up with wrestlers who are usually confined to NXT and Superstars. This changed when Christian entered the matchup and became the clear favorite. He was among the final four which included himself, David Otunga, The Miz, and surprisingly Tyson Kidd.

Christian ended up winning by eliminating The Miz, and seemed to challenge Santino. This all changed later in the night when Christian approached Cody Rhodes backstage and told him that he would actually go after Rhodes’ Intercontinental Championship.

The next match saw Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger take on Kofi Kingston and R-Truth for their Tag Team Championship belts. Kingston and Truth proved victorious, which I see as a smart move by the WWE. This now allows for a possible feud between Epico and Primo under the management of A.W.

Divas champion Layla successfully defended her title against Beth Phoenix, as these two seem to be locked in a feud that should last until the (hopefully) inevitable return of Kharma.

Champions became a perfect three for three on the night when Sheamus defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio. The match ended with Sheamus pinning Jericho, after Del Rio was knocked out by an RKO, and Orton was taken out by a Brogue kick.

The Miz came to the ring next and said he was a better dancer than Brodus Clay. After some comical dancing leading up to his obvious defeat, Clay made his way to the ring. The Miz gave him a decent match, but Brodus Clay quickly finished him off to secure the victory.

The first title change of the night came in the next match between Christian and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was fuming about how he was too good to fight Christian, which led to a Killswitch from Christian that gave him the Intercontinental title belt in his return.

The best match of the night, and even of the entire year, came in the form of CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan. This match could warrant an entire article, but in short the match was a back and forth contest that features numerous submission holds.

At the end, Bryan had a “Yes lock” locked in when Punk rolled through and had Bryan’s shoulders on the mat. The ref reached the three count a second before Punk tapped, which gave him the victory. This feud will certainly continue on throughout the summer, and it seems likely that AJ will somehow get involved.

Next up was Ryback against Camacho. It was a squash match. Enough said.

It was finally time for the main event, but the excitement was not there. It seemed all but certain that Laurinaitis would find a way to win, but how he would do this was the only question.

The match began with Big Johnny trying to escape through the crowd and Cena grabbing him and bringing him back to the ring. Cena then went on to completely dominate the GM for the near remainder of the match.

This consisted of spinning Laurinaitis around, pouring water on him, dumping trash on his head, ringing the bell in his ear, and dousing him with a fire extinguisher.

Everything changed when Laurinaitis slammed Cena’s arm on the barricade. He then hit Cena with a chair and went for a pin. Cena kicked out and Big Johnny ran through the crowd and out of sight. He returned with Big Show dragging him back into the ring.

It looked as if Big Show was going to watch Cena finish off Laurinaitis, until he delivered a knockout punch to Cena. Laurinaitis secured the victory and Big Show cemented  his status as a major heel.

This was a very predictable result, but it will surely have meaning as the storyline plays out leading up to No Way Out. It will be interesting to see the fallout from this match tonight on Raw. The Board of Directors will likely have something to say about how Laurinaitis won, and a Triple H sighting is certainly possible.

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