NBA Rumors: Shaquille O’Neal To Be Next Orlando Magic GM?

ESPN has reported that Shaquille O’Neal will interview for the Orlando Magic general manager position.

Charles Barkley confirmed on the Dan Patrick show that Shaq told him he was very interested in the job.

Could Shaquille O'Neal go from the court to TNT to...GM in Orlando? (Image by Airman 1st Class Alex Gouchnour, U.S. Air Force via Wikimedia Commons)

Would Shaq make a good GM? I am mixed. Some players have the knack for finding talent and others don’t [see Michael Jordan]. However, it would be a great positive PR move for the Magic, and it would bring a native son home to where it all began.

What could this mean for Dwight Howard? Conflicting reports say he and Shaq do not get along and others say they are actually friends who like to jab at each other for fun in the media. If they are, in fact, buddies who give each other a hard time and not enemies, this could be a good sign for Magic fans. Dwight could be convinced to stay by Shaq and he could build a team around him the same way Shaq had teams built around him that were successful.

Of course, all this depends on if Shaq gets the job, but if you are Orlando, why not take a chance and give him a short-term deal and make the fans happy?

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