Celtics Look To ‘Keep Making History’ Against Heat

It all started with the injury to Derick Rose that allowed the 76ers to even make it to round two.

The 8th-seeded Philadelphia 76ers beat #1 seed Chicago after a devastating injury stole the Bulls’ star player. The 76ers came into round two verses the Boston Celtics as an underdog and made it further then many speculated.

The Celtics are an aging team, but they still have one of the best trios in the league. It seems customary for one of the three to finish a game with a triple double, or a couple of them having a double double.


But why couldn’t the Celtics finish off the 76ers in 4, 5, or maybe even 6 games? The 76ers aren’t an elite team and shoot the ball quite poorly a lot of the time.

Whatever the reason for the long series, it’s over now. The past is the past, and now the Celtics have to look towards the future. And they may want to look away.

Their next series begins on Monday against the Miami Heat, who have been red hot in their last three games. If the Celtics want any chance at all, their big three need to perform better then ever.

But they can’t do it alone.

Ryan Hollins and Ray Allen need to contribute more to the team, along with others. Now that they will be playing a more offensively aggressive team, they also need to play efficiently on defense.

This will not be an easy series for the Celtics. But with efficient, strong performances, this series could go either way.

I have watched the Paul Pierce “A Champion will Rise” commercial plenty of times and know that everything he said can happen, because it has happened.

History repeats itself.

We’ll see if Pierce and the Celtics can “keep making it” against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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