Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Chris Sale, Jordan Zimmerman, B.J. Upton, Billy Butler, and more

I typically set my daily lineups in the morning, then I don’t pay much more attention to them because work and other things become of the focus of the day. By the time I get back to baseball, most of the games have started and lineups are locked.

This, of course, can present problems. If a guy gets a day off, you’re screwed. If a team gets rained out, you’re screwed.

Well, this morning I noticed that Daily Joust does a nice job of trying to help its users by putting yellow exclamation marks next to guys’ names who have potential weather issues. If you can’t check your lineups before the games start, it is probably best to steer clear of guys with weather risk.

For example, this is why I’m going with Chris Sale over Jordan Zimmerman in today’s tournaments:

And if anyone wants to go head-to-head, plunk down your $5 and let’s do it.

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Guys I Like

SP Jordan Zimmerman

While the high-priced guys like CJ Wilson and King Felix have to pitch against Tampa Bay and Detroit, respectively, the underrated Zimmerman and his 1.52 ERA and .157 BAA get to pitch against the Padres in Petco. Best value on the board for pitchers.

SP Chris Sale

He has made a smooth transition to the starting rotation and gets to face the punchless A’s in their cavernous stadium today. Another solid value if you don’t want to pay for King Felix.

1B Joey Votto

Votto is off to a slow start this year, so his salary is now down below the likes of Justin Morneau and Kendrys Morales. If you believe in the Barry Zito comeback story (I don’t) and don’t want to hit a lefty against lefty, don’t take Votto. But I like the value if it fits into your budget.

OF Josh Hamilton

The lefty Hamilton gets to face the struggling righty Hughes in Arlington in what should be a high-scoring game after yesterday’s was not. Yes please.

OF Curtis Granderson

I think Curtis Granderson sees the ball well of Rangers spot-starter Scott Feldman. Granderson is 5-8 with 3 HRs and a double off of Feldman.

OF BJ Upton

Until the salary increases, he continues to be a great value. In four games he’s already driven six runs. This is his age 27 season, so expect great numbers all year long.

Guys I Don’t Like

1B Billy Butler

He was a really nice value there for a while, but now the entire Royals team has gone to hell and a handbasket. Butler is 1-19 over his last five games and 0-6 lifetime against today’s starter Ubaldo Jimenez.

3B Adrian Beltre

I was all set to like Beltre because he’s back from his short hamstring injury, the Rangers-Yankees game should be high-scoring, and his value is a bit lower now than it was before. But Beltre went 0-3 in his first game back yesterday and is 1-14 lifetime against Phil Hughes.

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