Pic: Kansas Fan Wins Best T-Shirt of March Madness 2012

Last year it was the “Whatcha talkin bout Bilas?” t-shirt that VCU students made.

This year, the best t-shirt of the NCAA Tournament is easily this one, worn by a Kansas fan attending today’s Midwest Regional Final games between the Jayhawks and North Carolina:

kansas-fan-t-shirtImage credit: @JJones9

I’m sure most of you understand the reference, but if you don’t understand why this is hilarious for a Kansas fan to be wearing, head over to Google and start researching the history of the two coaches in this game.

Update: Pete Gaines, one of the more vocal Kansas fans I follow on Twitter, had this to say about the shirt:

It was from a store that got shut down for unlicensed KU merch. Good riddance, they also stole designs from people.

if you search the Lawrence Journal World for “Joe College” you can see the whole stupid saga. The owner was/is a dbag.

Here is a recap of the story: “Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000”

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