March Madness: When Are The NCAA Tournament Brackets Announced? What TV Channel Is The Selection Show On?

It’s here!

Finally, 11 long months since last year’s NCAA Championship Game ended, we are ready for yet another NCAA Tournament. Today is Selection Sunday, when the NCAA Tournament brackets are officially unveiled.

What’s that you say? You’re excited? Well so am I.

And so is Bob Costas:


But enough with the levity and jocularity. This is serious business. Plenty of pride and perhaps even a few bucks will be on the line in families and offices across America over the next three weeks, all based on the matchups and seeds that we’ll find out tonight.

So you can’t, under any circumstances, miss The Selection Show; and that is why we created this search engine optimized post to provide you with all of the information you need to be there in front of your TV today when the brackets are annnounced.

When Are The NCAA Tournament Brackets Announced?


The NCAA Tournament brackets are announced today, Selection Sunday, at 6:00 ET.

If you live in the Central time zone like I do, The Selection Show starts at 5:00. If you’re in the Mountain time zone, you’ll want to tune in at 4:00. If you’re in the Pacific time zone, you’ll want to tune in at 3:00 (though based on how the Pac-12 has done this year, a lot of you in the Pacific time zone should do something else…)

What TV Channel Is The Selection Show On?


The Selection Show is, as it always is, on CBS.

And as per usual, Greg Gumbel will be hosting, flanked by Greg Anthony and Seth Davis.

Greg Anthony, Greg Gumbel, and Seth Davis will host CBS Selection Show this Sunday.


What is unique about this year’s Selection Sunday coverage is that the Selection Show crew will be hosting an hour-long special immediately after the Selection Show called Hardcore Brackets to break down the brackets with actual committee members. The show will be aired on truTV at 7:00 ET. They are promising more insight than we’ve ever gotten into why certain teams made it, why others did not, and why teams were seeded what they were seeded.

But I have to admit, I won’t be paying much attention that show. Once the brackets are announced, I’m going to work applying this year’s statistics-based prediction system to the brackets and making my official predictions.

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