Introducing “Creepy Library Guy”

Yesterday, occasional MSF contributor and longtime friend of the site Nicholas Gerlach changed his Facebook profile picture.

It seems that he and his band, The Twin Cats, did a photo shoot at a library and Nick, being a big fan of the old READ posters, wanted to get a picture that could serve as his own personal READ poster, a sentimental and inspiring thought.

But I decided to ruin it.

As soon as I saw the picture, I burst out laughing thanks to my brain being warped by the Internet. Mix in the lingering effects of last night’s episode of South Park, and I saw a different kind of potential in Nick’s new Facebook photo. So I asked him if I could take a stab at turning it into a meme. Nick, being the bearded and good-humored guy that he is, acquiesced.

Thus, I present to you: Creepy Library Guy.










If you feel like making your own, here is the image. Knock yourself out.

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