Image: ‘Dirk Nowitzki’s Brother’ – Friday Humor From Reddit

On days like today, which have been pretty disappointing for me from a sports standpoint (see here and here), I’m glad there are sites like Reddit I can go to and be assured of a quick, cheap, probably sophomoric chuckle.

Sometimes you just need a quick, cheap, sophomoric chuckle.

This image, and the first comment on it, did just that for me:

Source: Reddit

The image itself made me laugh, because the guy actually does look like he could be Dirk Nowitzki’s shorter, goofier, far less talented brother (or at least cousin). But, as often happens at Reddit, a few of the comments sent me from amused smile to wholehearted, out-loud guffaw.

The first one especially:

Derp Nowitzki

And another (full thread here):

Oh look, it’s Chris Kaman’s brother pretending he’s Dirk’s brother

Yes, the guy does look like he could also be Chris Kaman’s brother. He actually looks like a cross between Kaman and Nowitzki, but much shorter than that combo would be.

Also, it appears this guy has done this before, which apparently the exact same sign:


That video is from 2008. The first image is recent. Gotta admire the guy’s commitment to the sign. Well played Kamanitzki. Well played.

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