Chair Fran McCaffery Slammed Sells For $2,100 At Auction

“Coach with passion!”

That is the message from Fran McCaffery to the person who made the winning bid of $2,100 for the chair Iowa’s coach infamously picked up and slammed to the floor earlier this year during a game against Michigan State in the Breslin Center.

Here is a picture of the autographed memento, via Matt Weitzel, Iowa’s basketball and baseball Communications Director:

fran-mccaffery-chair-sells-at-auctionImage source: @BigWeitz

The chair was auctioned off at the Iowa Baseball Steak Fry, so all of the proceeds will ostensibly go towards supporting the Iowa baseball team.

I have to say, that would be a pretty sweet memento to have if you’re an Iowa fan, although I think I’d have a hard time bringing another school’s colors into my house, even if it included the autograph of my coach. But I’m weird like that.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen the video of McCaffery blowing a gasket, which began with a technical fouled and culminated with the chair slamming, here you go:


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