Career Builder Super Bowl 46 Commercial – ‘Business Trip’ Video and Review

Career Builder always has a presence during the Super Bowl, and their line of ads featuring chimpanzees have inspired many a hearty laugh over the last couple of years.

This year, they stick to the same basic formula: chimps doing things people usually do will make people laugh.  And they were right.

Here is the ad:

I’ll be damned if these chimps aren’t just as funny now as they have been forever.  I love the idea of mischievous primates playing pranks on people, and I’m always a fan of chimps wearing human clothes.  I especially like the lampshades on the heads and their trip to the strip club.

I couldn’t care less what services Career Builder offers, and frankly, they don’t do a whole lot in this commercial to show anyone.  But I do appreciate companies making me laugh, so that has to count for something.

Commercial Grade: B


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