Call To The Bullpen MLB Podcast: Tim Lincecum v Clayton Kershaw and The Best/Worst Offseason Moves

On this week’s episode of the Call To The Bullpen MLB Podcast, things get heated this week with Corey and I having a serious debate over which pitcher we would build our respective franchises around: Tim Lincecum or Clayton Kershaw.

We also discuss:

  • Billy Beane being extended until 2019
  • Elvis Andrus and Nelson Cruz resigning in Texas
  • The Jeremy Guthrie trade to Colorado
  • AJ Burnett possibly being traded to the Pirates
  • We spotlight the Detroit Tigers
  • Ryan Rayburn (well the whole Tigers infield) is horrible on defense (as this video shows)
  • Andy Dirks’ Dominican dominance
  • Corey and I each give our 3 best and 3 worst off-season deals

Click play on the player below to listen:

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