The 28 Funniest Gatorade Baths of All-Time

Update: Thanks to Twitter, this post caught the attention of Gatorade president Sarah Robb O’Hagan (@SarahRobbOh). She enjoyed our rundown of the funniest Gatorade baths ever, and she also sent me the wall mural from Gatorade’s headquarters with some of their favorite Gatorade baths of all-time. It’s very cool. You’ll see it at the end of the post.

The Gatorade bath is a tradition like few others in sports.

After most monumental wins in football – specifically Super Bowls, national championship games, especially important and/or meaningful bowl games, or season-ending victories over hated rivals – such a celebration can be expected. The tradition began with the New York Giants in the mid-1980s and continues into today with no signs of slowing down.

While the sentimental among us enjoy the Gatorade bath because it symbolizes the triumph of a team of men on the field of athletic battle and the ultimate moment of shared jubilation and respect between coach and player, I enjoy Gatorade baths for a far different reason.

Pictures and videos of them can be laugh-lout-loud hilarious.

So here is my personal ode to the Gatorade bath, with the 28 funniest Gatorade baths of all-time, presented in no particular order other than saving the best ones for last.

Bob Stoops

bob-stoops-gatorade-bathImage source: AP Photo/LM Otero via


Urban Meyer

urban-meyer-gatorade-bathImage source: SBNation

Nick Saban

Zombie Ken Whisenhunt

ken-whisenhunt-gatorade-bathImage source: Revenge of the Birds


Kirk Ferentz

kirk-ferentz-gatorade-bathImage credit: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky via

Jim Tressel

jim-tressel-gatorade-bathImage credit: Photo by Harry How/Getty Images via The Part Time Jock

jim-tressels-gatorade-bathImage source: Eleven Warriors

Gary Patterson

Joe Gibbs

joe-gibbs-gatorade-bathImage source: Here

Tony Dungy

tony-dungy-gatorade-bathImage source: Stock Lemon Blog

Bill Parcells

bill-parcells-gatorade-bathImage credit: Peter Read Miller/SI via Hot Clicks


Greg Schiano

greg-schiano-gatorade-bathImage source: Today’s ACC Headlines

greg-schiano-gatoradeImage credit: Dill/AP via NY Daily News

Steve Spurrier

steve-spurrier-gatorade-bathImage source: Eric Campos via

Dave Doeren

dave-doeren-gatorade-bathImage credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE via Chicago Tribune

Some Confused Ohio Bobcats

Mike McCarthy

mike-mccarthy-gatorade-bathImage source: Here

Cito Gaston

cito-gaston-gatorade-bathImage source: The National Post

Bill Curry

bill-curry-gatorade-bathImage source:

Rick Stockstill

rick-stockstill-gatorade-bathImage credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images via

Frank Beamer

frank-beamer-gatorade-bathImage credit: Phil Coale/AP via

frank-beamer-gatoradeImage source:

Eric Mangini

Les Miles

les-miles-gatorade-bath-lsuImage source: Here

les-miles-gatorade-bathImage credit: A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images via

les-miles-gatorade-bath-elephantImage source:

And I saved the best image last…

Marty Schottenheimer…like a boss


But no Gatorade shower can or will ever be quite as funny as the one in this video, all things considered.

Guy Morriss


Update: Actually, I was mistaken. I’m not quite sure how I forgot about one of my favorite Gatorade bath pictures of all time, but I did. Thankfully, loyal Tweeters like @jimkanicki are here to remind me of the error of my ways. For goodness sakes, this pic is the background of Spencer Hall’s Twitter page!

Here is the great Howard Schnellenberger (the man who laid the foundation at The U, for those too young to remember) being doused by his team at Florida Atlantic.


There are my choices. I went through hundreds of pictures and videos to narrow the list down, but there certainly could be many more funny ones out there. Feel free to post links below.

Random thought: I suppose I should change the number in the title to 29 considering that there are technically now 29 images and videos with the addition of the Schellenberger picture, but since one of the pics is an elephant peeing on Les Miles, we won’t count that as a Gatorade bath.

Update: And here is the picture of the mural at Gatorade HQ sent to me by Sarah Robb O’Hagan:


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