Jay Cutler Dominates: Listen up, Packers Fans. It’s not going to be all right. Jay Cutler won’t allow it.

Earlier in the week, fellow MSF writers and diehard Green Bay Packer fans, Amanda Lawson and Chris Calloway wrote an article to abate any sad feelings Packer fans might have had over their embarrassing loss to the New York Giants last weekend.

In the article they tried to pull the ever-so-cliche stunt of trying to look at the positives. It’s the oldest trick in the fanbook. Did your team not win the Super Bowl or not make the playoffs? That’s ok because “There’s always next year” or “Hey, Aaron Rodgers had a great season, so I call the season a success,” or, my personal favorite, “We have a lot of young talent coming in, so I see this team competing for years to come.”

All those statements are signs of repressed acceptance that your favorite team sucks.

Before I continue with my critique of Chris and Amanda’s article, I first want to bring out the fact that Amanda probably isn’t even a Packers fan. She herself admits it in the article.

She calls the Packers as being “overrated” and  “weak.” Some fan she is.

She goes on to say “They [Packers] bounced back from their loss to Kansas City dominating Chicago Bears on Christmas…”  Ok, first off, dominating? Really? Did Jay Cutler even play in that game? The definition of dominating is Jay Cutler. Look it up. So how can the Packers be “dominating” if they don’t have Cutler? Therefore the sentence is illogical and just blatantly wrong.

Chris adds that “There shouldn’t be excuses made for the Packers losing to the Giants.” Well, at least he admits the Packers suck. It seems like he isn’t much of a fan either.

I also don’t like the fact Packer fans go round exclaiming they’re better than other fans because they own stock in their team. According to Wikipedia, the Packers are “are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States.” You know what that sounds like? Socialism. Everyone knows being a Socialist is to be un-American, therefore being a Packers fan means you hate America.

Do we really want this un-American team to win? I don’t, and I know you don’t either.

But the main problem with their article is that it forgets who is at the helm of the Chicago Bears’ offense.

Jay Cutler's smile has been known to take woman's virginity.

That’s right, folks. Be prepared for the resurgence of Jay Cutler, arguably the best QB since the NFL started counting interceptions as a stat.

The thought that the Packers are going to resurge next season and steal the NFC North and cheat their way to the Super Bowl again is just as ludicrous as thinking Tim Tebow will complete more than 50% of his passes in his career.

Cutler is not going to allow the Packers to win next season. Mark my words. It’s time for the Cutler era.

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Tyler Juranovich

Tyler Juranovich is an Indiana native, a Ball State student, and a senior writer for MSF, where he's been writing about Chicago sports since 2009. His favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Bears. He's also a lover of reading, music, and movies. Follow him on Twitter (@tylerjuranovich) or email him at tyler.juranovich@gmail.com