Awesome Video: Herm Edwards, Michelle Beadle Dancing To The Twin Cats On SportsNation Set

As you know if you’re been following me on Twitter, one of MSF’s contributors since the very beginning – Nicholas Gerlach – is having quite the Super Bowl experience.

His band The Twin Cats was chosen as the house band for ESPN’s show SportsNation, hosted by Colin Cowherd and the wonderful Michelle Beadle. One of the band members just posted this video from yesterday’s taping. It features Herman Edwards losing himself in the midst of The Twin Cats’ face-melting funk, and then pulling Beadle onto the dance floor with him.

(Note: Nick is the bearded wonder playing the sax.)


Tune in to the show later today, or if you’re in Indianapolis head down for a taping. The Twin Cats will be there. Tell ’em MSF sent you.


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