A Glimpse into the World of Pelada – Brazilian Street Soccer

It’s pretty common to see a group of guys playing a pick-up game wherever there’s a set of basketball hoops around the U.S.

In other countries, where basketball may not reign supreme, soccer is more often the pick-up game of choice.

In Brazil, it’s called “pelada.”

The literal translation of the Portuguese word is “naked,” and that’s a pretty good metaphor for the game. Like a basketball pickup game in the U.S., there are no real rules or refs or uniforms. Just a bunch of folks knocking the ball around anywhere there’s enough room to run.

ESPN has been spotlighting pelada in a series of videos sponsored by Samsung, focusing on the teamwork that crops up between people who may not even know each other. It’s a good reminder that in all sports, the team is what’s important – any individual’s efforts are just an element of the team.

Watching these videos gave a whole new perspective to this infographic from Confused about how the premier league teams in the U.K. have the highest revenues in the world, higher, even, than the GDPs of many small nations. Check it out:

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