Simpsons/Breaking Bad Mashup Wins The Internet This Week

If you are not a fan of Breaking Bad, a) why not? and b) you can just stop reading this and don’t bother watching the video because you won’t get it. (Note: I’ll assume that everyone is either a fan of The Simpsons or at least aware enough of it for this to be relevant.)

breaking-bad-simpsonsBut if you are a fan of Breaking Bad, not only have you enjoyed one the greatest TV shows ever for four seasons now, but you will also greatly enjoy this mashup of Simpsons video with Breaking Bad audio.

Quick background, via Warming Glow, where I came across the vid this morning:

Perhaps inspired by the recent episode “The Food Wife,” which featured Homer on the verge of smoking meth, YouTube user “samuelk202″ edited together clips from “The Simpsons” with dialogue from “Breaking Bad.” My favorite show of all-time and my current favorite show on TV — in the paraphrased words of Bart, “I’d be stupid not to watch this.”

Agreed. You’d be stupid not to watch this.

It’s the web’s random, inconsequential yet entertaining and pop culturally relevant genius at its best.



It’s not just that this is a clever idea – the web is filled with clever ideas. It’s that it’s a clever idea AND very well executed. That’s a rarity. I appreciate it when both elements are present in any type of web video or meme.

BTW, several of my closest friends who are not yet familiar with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are getting Season 1 of Breaking Bad for Christmas. I could send them actual meth and I don’t think they’d develop an addiction as fast as when they pop the DVD in.

To see some other inspired casting choices for a further Simpsons/Breaking Bad mashup, click here.

I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with sports, so let me make it sports relevant. More intimidating: Walter White or James Harrison?



Seeing as how Harrison tends to keep his mauling constrained to the football field (and can even be suspended for it) whereas White is ruthless, cunning AND capable of murder…I’ll vote for him. What say you?

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