The 5 Most Entertaining GIFs and Videos From NFL Week 15

I just took my weekly Monday morning browse through r/NFL, and here are the most entertaining moments from Week 15 that are now immortalized online in GIF or video form.

Let’s kick the festivities off with my favorite animated GIF from Week 15. It’s Lance Moore’s “swag dance” in the end zone after scoring one of his two touchdowns against the Vikings.

lance-moore-swag-danceImgur via Reddit

For every Aaron Hernandez owner who loves me this week is a Lance Moore owner who surely isn’t too pleased that I didn’t call Moore a must-start. I’m sorry.

Moving along, let’s go to St. Louis now, where those who attended the Rams-Bengals game were treated to an inadvertent F-bomb over the loud speaker thanks to Harvey Dahl and a hot referee mic.

Yes Harvey, it was indeed fucking holding.

And now, let’s take a moment to celebrate Tom Brady having an imperfect moment in his perfect life during an otherwise pretty perfect afternoon for Brady and the Patriots.

Here is Elvis Dumervil sacking the hell out of Brady.

tom-brady-sackSBNation via Reddit

Staying in Denver, you knew it was coming, here is a video of a monkey riding a dog at halftime of the Broncos-Patriots game.

And finally, here is my personal favorite moment from Week 15. It’s neither funny nor whimsical nor profane; it’s just a well-deserved moment for a good man who had his struggling team ready to play and beat a team that hadn’t lost in over a year.

Here is the Gatorade bath that Romeo Crennel got to enjoy at the end of the Chiefs’ upset of the Packers. Congratulations Romeo. This win couldn’t have been achieved by a nicer, more humble, more deserving man. There are too few of you in the NFL.

romeo-crennel-gatorade-bathSBNation via

We’ll be back later on with more NFL analysis. It may or may not have something to do with Tim Tebow. We’ll see…

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