Join the #PassTheCrown contest with MSF right now to win an incredible prize just by making a suggestion [Update: Prize/Winner Announced!]

I spend time working on MSF every day because I absolutely love it. Even if the site generated no revenue from advertising, I’d still keep it up and keep writing for it because the driving force in launching it was, quite simply, my love for sports and an irrepressible desire to write about and discuss them.

But I do have to admit that as the site has grown, we have had the good fortune to have some pretty outstanding opportunities presented to us.

Today, I’m going to tell you about another one, via the fine folks at Crown Royal, and the best part is that one of you is going to be getting something awesome as a result of it.

When it comes to great opportunities at MSF, Crown Royal has really come through big time.

For example, Jon Washburn recently enjoyed an expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to race against Matt Kenseth in a real NASCAR at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which he’ll be posting about it this week. The trip to Vegas came after Crown Royal sent him to the Matthew and Daniel Hansen 400 in Richmond, VA.

Now, Crown Royal is giving us the opportunity participate in the #PassTheCrown Contest, in which we get an awesome prize and you do too.

Here are the details, and pay attention because you do have a little bit of work to do to earn your prize:

First, take a look at the incredibly cool prizes that have already been doled out to other sites participating in #PassTheCrown:


Yes, that is an iPad2 you see there, as well as Beats by Dre Headphones, a Kindle Fire, and even an all-expenses paid trip back to my home state of Indiana for this year’s Crown Royal “Your Hero’s Name Here” NASCAR race.

If you didn’t believe me before that prizes involved in the #PassTheCrown contest are incredibly cool, you surely do now.

And here’s the thing: we can claim any prize that has already been doled out. Yep, we can swipe Robert Littal‘s “Crown Royal Reserve & Happy Hour” out of his hands like it’s a piece of his cornbread, or we can steal the iPad2 from the folks at Smoking Section, or we can take anything else on that list.

Or we can hold out for “our” prize. And what is “our” prize you may be thinking?

Here is a clue:

This Crown Royal bag features quite an intriguing clue, especially considering my well-known love for music.

It also features pretty sweet custom embroidery, a feature that Crown Royal has made available to everyone at for just $9.95. You can also personalize Crown Royal bottle labels for free if you’re 21 or older. Not a bad gift idea for the Crown Royal lovers on your gift list.

So the question is: do I take the prize represented by the embroidered bag above – perhaps concert tickets, maybe another pair of Beats by Dre headphones, or who knows…maybe my own starring role in a music video – or grab one of the ones that we already know about?

It is important to note that whatever gift we choose could ultimately be stolen from us by one of the seven sites still to participate. This enters a little bit of strategry into the discussion.

And remember as you’re trying to help out that you get one too!

Well, one of you gets one.

So here is how I’ll decide who that lucky reader is:

  • Comment somewhere – either here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @JerodMorris with the hashtag #PassTheCrown.
  • In your comment, make your case for whatever decision you think I should make; and really make your case. Make your argument compelling, funny, interesting, etc. Stand out.
  • I will weigh all arguments before I make my decision today at 4:00 ET (3:00 CT); at that time, I’ll also pick the MSF reader that gets to join in the prize-winning fun with me.

Pretty simple huh?

Note: I don’t necessarily have to pick the prize you argue for to choose you as the recipient. I’m sure any of us would be happy with any of these prizes. The gift goes to the argument that entertains me the most, with extra credit being awarded for persuasiveness.

Also, though not required, I’ll give extra credit – think of it like a potential tie-breaker – for those who tweet a link to this post using the #PassTheCrown hashtag or who post a link to the contest on their Facebook page.

If you have any questions, pose them below. Otherwise, start making your case. The clock is ticking on our decision.

Regardless, a couple of pretty cool prizes await me and one of you.

What’s it going to be?


Update: After initially leaning towards going for the iPad2, I realized that it would probably get swiped with seven sites still to go…so what was the point? Plus, a number of persuasive comments were left here and on Twitter that convinced me to stick with “my” prize (which hopefully will stay “my” prize).

And here it is, via the email I just received from the #PassTheCrown folks:

A friend of Crown Royal, country music star Rodney Atkins will autograph a guitar especially for you to show off to friends, family and co-workers alike as a piece of music history.  His song, “Take a Back Road” just hit No. 1 – his sixth hit to reach the top of the charts!


Hell. Yes.

Could there be a more perfect gift for MSF than this? From the singer of a song about taking back roads? (I know what Ari Kaufman will say!)


And as for who will be sharing in this gift with me, there were a number of excellent comments that both entertained me and compelled me to make the most excellent choice to stick with my prize. I have to admit though, one stood out about the rest in terms of creativity and entertainment value; and it was one of the first ones submitted, by @FutureOfFantasy aka Josh Culp:

 It could be a Beats by Dre Crown-Dispensing Helmet… gotta take your prize

Though it didn’t turn out to be a crown-dispensing helmet that also plays music with incredible clarity and bass…the concept of such a thing is awesome, made me laugh, strangely made me think of Drew Lange, and separated itself from all the others.

Seriously, I pissed would I have been if I’d passed up the Crown-dispensing Beats by Dre helmet?

A little less than pissed than if I’d passed up autographed guitars by Rodney Atkins!

Now, remember: Josh and I are not guaranteed to keep our prizes. Someone could swipe them, which would then mean that we’d get whatever their prize was supposed to be (which someone could then later swipe…and so on). I’ll keep everyone updated on the latest via the #PassTheCrown hashtag on Twitter. We’ll know the final results a little over a week from now when all the prizes have been unveiled.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make the decision. Clearly we made the right one.

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