Vote: Which Way Of Getting Tackled Would Hurt More?

Every week in the NFL there are painful hits, collisions, and falls. Below are animated GIFs of two of the most painful-looking tackles from Week 11.

My question to you: which way of getting tackled would hurt more?

First, we have Baltimore receiver Torrey Smith being violently yanked down by his hair and slammed to the ground:

GIF source: Larry Brown Sports

Next, we have Patriots super tight end Rob Gronkowski getting flipped over so that he lands dangerously on his shoulder, neck, and head:

rob-gronkowski-flipGIF source: SBNation

Now, before I have you vote, ignore for a moment the following things:

  1. The fact that Gronkowski scored a touchdown.
  2. The fact that Gronkowski’s fall is more potentially dangerous since he lands on his head/neck

I just want to focus on which fall would be more painful right then, as it’s happening.

Okay, from the comfort of your chair, and far away from rabid NFL defenders intent on causing you bodily harm, vote:

[poll id=”349″]

Feel free to explain yourself in the comment section below.

I’ll return to being thankful I sucked at football and thus do not have to fear hits like these on a weekly basis.

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